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Startup Stage Identification

Idea Stage


  • The founder is in the process of defining the business concept.
  • The idea hasn’t been fully developed or validated.

Market Research:

  • Limited or no market research has been conducted.
  • Validation from potential customers is lacking.

Prototype or MVP:

  • No prototype or minimum viable product (MVP).
  • The product or service is still in the conceptual phase.

Team Formation:

  • The founder is primarily working alone.
  • The team is not fully formed or lacks key members.


  • Bootstrapping or relying on personal funds.
  • No external investment has been sought or secured.

Early Stage

Prototype/MVP Development:

  • The startup has developed a prototype or MVP.
  • Initial testing and feedback have been gathered.

Market Validation:

  • Some level of market validation has been achieved.
  • There is evidence of demand for the product or service.

Team Building:

  • The core team is being assembled.
  • Roles and responsibilities are being defined.

Initial Traction:

  • Early customers or users have been acquired.
  • There are signs of product-market fit.

Seed Funding:

  • The startup has secured seed funding or is actively seeking it.
  • Investors are showing interest in the idea and team.

Growth Stage

Scaling Operations:

  • The focus is on scaling the business operations.
  • Processes are being streamlined for efficiency.

Customer Base Expansion:

  • The customer/user base is growing rapidly.
  • Marketing and sales efforts are gaining traction.

Revenue Generation:

  • The startup is generating consistent revenue.
  • Monetization strategies are in place and effective.

Team Expansion:

  • The team is expanding to meet the growing demands.
  • Key hires are being made to strengthen the organization.

Series A Funding:

  • The startup is seeking or has secured Series A funding.
  • Investors are looking at the business’s growth potential.
Idea Stage Startup

Uncertain Business Model

Participate in an interactive business model workshop or a business modelling session to define/refine your business model.
Idea Stage Startup

Market Research & Validation

Get a customised market research report that provide insights into your startup industry trends, customer preferences, and market opportunities.
Idea Stage Startup

Branding & Marketing Strategies

Participate in an interactive branding & marketing workshop or a session to create a strong brand identity and develop effective marketing strategies.
Idea Stage Startup

Go-to Market Strategy

Participate in an interactive go-to market strategy workshop or a session that outlines your startup target market, distribution channels, pricing, and promotional activities to effectively launch your products or services.
Idea Stage Startup

Market Entry & Competition

Get Assistance in conducting market entry feasibility studies, competitor analysis, and identifying potential collaborators or distributors for your startup.
Idea Stage Startup

Product Development

Get access to a network of product designers, engineers, and UX/UI experts who can assist your startup in developing product or MVP.
Idea Stage Startup

Regulatory & Compliance

Get guidance on industry-specific regulations, legal documentation, and compliance frameworks to ensure startups operate within the legal boundaries.
Idea Stage Startup

Intellectual Property Protection

Get guidance on the process of filing patents, trademark registration, and developing an IP strategy to safeguard startup's innovations.
Idea & Early Stage Startup

Limited Resources & Network

Get paired with experienced mentors who can guide your startup on product development, marketing, and team building.
Early Stage Startup

Product Market Fit

Participate in workshop or session to validate your startup product-market fit and develop a product roadmap.
Early Stage Startup

Customer Acquisition

Get tailored services of lead generation, social media marketing, and content marketing to acquire their customers.
Early Stage Startup

Team Building

Get tailored services of recruitment, HR consulting, and team-building exercises to build and manage team for your startup.
Early Stage Startup

Navigating Pivot Points

Get expert guidance to help your startup navigate pivot points, such as changing market conditions, new competitors, or product failures.
Early Stage Startup

Funding & Managing Investor Relations

Get services such as pitch deck preparation, financial modeling, and investor outreach to help your startup secure funding.
Early Stage Startup

Cash Flow & Burn Outs

Get services such as financial planning, budgeting, and cash flow management to help manage finances and avoid burnout for your startup.
Early & Growth Stage Startup

Partnerships, Collaboration & Alliances Building

Get services such as partnership development, negotiation, and deal-making to help your startup build strategic partnerships and alliances.
Growth Stage Startup

Operation & Production Scaling

Get services such as process optimisation, supply chain management, and talent acquisition to help your startup scale operations efficiently.
Growth Stage Startup

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Get services such as employee engagement, retention strategies, and talent development to help your startup train & retain top talent.
Growth Stage Startup

Market Expansion & Customer Retention

Get services such as market research, customer acquisition, and localization to expand into new markets.
Growth Stage Startup

Continuous Innovation

Join a workshop or session that helps your startup to develop a culture of innovation and continuously improve products and services.
Growth Stage Startup

Competition & Risk Management

Get services such as market analysis, competitive intelligence, and risk assessment to stay ahead of the competition and manage risks.
Growth Stage Startup

Communication Alignment

Get services such as messaging, branding, and communication strategy to help your startup align communication with the business goals.
Growth Stage Startup

Balancing Long-Term and Short-Term Goals

Participate in workshop or session that helps your startup to balance long-term vision with short-term goals and priorities.