Majority Startups Run Out of Cash- Don’t be like them!

As a startup founder you are assumed to be a lot of things: a marketer, a salesman, a manager, an accountant, etc.

But the vital question is that should you be?

There are some things that would probably be right up your alley and others not so much. But you may find out that you can figure out the things you don’t know too. But, there are some job roles that are crucial and sensitive in nature such as managing finances and handling accounts. You may believe that these are the two tasks that you should be doing. But here’s the thing, accounting is not something that you just need to “do” one way or the other.

“Things can get very ugly if accounting

is NOT your strong suit.”

If you’re not a finance professional, not to worry, you can always hire professionals that will take the workload off from your shoulders. The added benefit is that you get to know where exactly do you stand, and can also focus on other aspects of the business growth. Moreover, in the long-run it can actually save you cost if you analyze it with the benefits it will reap. You get high-quality financial information that can help you make crucial decisions and even stay in business.

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Cash is one of the most important elements in the early-stage success of a startup if not the only most important aspect. In fact, cash flow is like oxygen for your startups’ survival. So, what happens when you outsource? You find out your spending, profit, loss, expenditures, the clients that pay on time, the clients that don’t, your business worth, and so much more.

And all of this helps you make better decisions when it comes to cash and control unnecessary expenses.

But good accounting is not just fancy-sounding statements and information that makes no sense to you. Good accounting will basically tell you where your business is standing and it guides you in how you can improve and which aspects can you improve. You can learn accounting on your own and even do your accounts without any errors but translating the financial data into meaningful insights and information that helps you take key business decisions is where you need a good accounting firm.

Cash flow is like oxygen for your startups’ survival.”

Not having to worry about your taxes?

That sounds like startup founder heaven because let’s face it, nobody, especially a startup in its early stages, wants to run up against the law which could be a whole different kind of headache.

Sounds tempting but worried that this is too expensive and technical for you? Don’t worry, this is where steps in. Since the main objective of is to help startups we are really happy to let you know that we have launched quality services at very affordable rates.

Avail quality services from tailored just for YOU

At, we have a team of dedicated professionals who have made it their mission to make the strenuous startup journey easier for you. Our mission, at, is to empower entrepreneurs so our packages are designed as such. Our accounting package is everything that a startup founder needs. It includes preparation and implementation of Customized Accounting Software with complete accounting setup that meets international standards (Software could be provided by us or the client). Moreover, we also provide monthly bookkeeping.

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