Service Shops

Starting up is a tough job, and especially in a developing country like Pakistan where common problems usually overpower the public agenda. But with our amazing resources and incredible untapped potential, startup culture can lead Pakistan towards economic growth and prosperity.

We at understand your pain points and struggles which is why exists. provides entrepreneurs knowledge, tools, access to opportunities and networks among its many services.

Our mantra is “Focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest” which is why we have service shops, that includes:


Website/App Development Services

HTML, PHP, HTTP keeping you up at night? WordPress or Drupal? Dreamhost or Bluehost? Template Theme or Custom Theme? Static or Dynamic? Responsive or Non-Responsive? Worried the competition will sweep away your customers because of their website? Looking for Web, App and Software Development? will chase your nightmares away with our expert services.

With us you don’t get a simple functioning website, it will be customer friendly and easily adaptable.

BONUS: our team will help you transition from analog to digital on its launch! We simply understand its importance for you!


Legal & IP Solutions

Do you want to register your business but the tedious task seems to be not your cup of tea? Worry not, you can get your startup registered through to protect your intellectual property. We know it seems hard but with our experts the laws will be on your finger tip and it won’t cost you a fortune. Have the first hour of your session, FREE, from us, and see if you still feel the same way.  We promise not to bore you with jargons


Business Consultancy

Are you lost in the middle of the journey? Do you not know how to proceed with your business strategy? provides a plethora of services like selecting business entity structure, long-term strategic planning, business valuation services, growth strategies, business models etc. and will help you refine and re-refine your business plans.


Design Solutions

Design is the fine line between success and failure of a product, website or an app. A visitor will form an impression in less than 5 seconds about your product or website. This impression will either entice him or her to stay and read what you have to offer or move to the next site. With’s help, create a design which will maximize your chances of a visitor to take notice of your product, website or app. Instead of hiring a pricy graphic designer, you can have our expert design your logo, posters cards, flyers etc. for a very low cost.


Social Media Marketing & Management

In this age of social media, you must realize the importance of being consistently active on social media and engaging customers. Our partner Launchpad Interactive is the perfect social for your social media problems. Launchpad Interactive knows exactly what it takes to create an online buzz by reaching your audience with a systematic social media plan. You can get a basic package for a low cost of 25000 per month.


Startup showcase

Do you have a startup or an amazing idea or project that you would like to show the world? For just Rs. 12,000 you can showcase your startup via a video, article or both.


Vendor Directory

If you are providing services in prototype & maker space, web & application development, financial services, human resource, legal & IP services, design solutions and production then you can list your business in’s vendor directory to display your services and gain easy access to customers.