Who We Are

Starting up in Pakistan is a tough job indeed. We know.  We have been through it. Not once, but multiple times. So, we got together with likeminded entrepreneurs and wondered, why is it so tough to start a business in Pakistan?

And obviously the next question was: Should it be so tough to launch a business in Pakistan?

This led to the idea of Startup.pk, a website that helps startups overcome the everyday yet deadly challenges that are the major cause of startup failure.

Startup.pk is a project of Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd, (www.changemechanics.pk) an Islamabad based organization that is on a mission to help take Pakistan on the road to economic prosperity by helping Pakistani entrepreneurs launch and scale successful businesses.

We help startups reduce risk in the uncertain times of today – making your life easier. Our website is the home for all your startup woes. If you have ever felt that you have an amazing idea but were worried about how to go about it, then you will understand the need for this platform. We have access to Pakistan’s most successful entrepreneurs and just like us they want to help you. To make your journey even more stress free we have launched Startup services including legal, accounting, design and development, so that you concentrate on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. (You can find these by looking at the service shop tabs of the startup.pk website).

At Change Mechanics, we believe that Pakistan has incredible talent, amazing resources and a strategic geo location that, if utilized properly, can make Pakistan a true economic Asian Tiger.

We also believe that it is not just the Governments responsibility, but the responsibility of each and everyone of us to ensure that we play a part in fulfilling our roles.

So how does Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd accomplish these goals:

  1. Innovation:
    1. By being a catalyst of corporate innovation, helping organisations achieve their goals by helping them through a design thinking process and connecting them with innovators and ideators (academic and non academic).
    2. By connecting Academia with Industry and Society to solve challenges and problems that can benefit both the society and our economy.
  2. Incubation:
    1. Helping establish Corporate and Academic business incubation centres, creating a culture of enquiry and invention
    2. Connecting these centres with real world problems and creating value for all stakeholders through the problem solving process and resulting solutions/innovations

The current flagship projects of Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd include:

  1. Startup.pk: Empowering startups by providing them the knowledge, tools and access to opportunities and networks to help them succeed.
  2. WECON MOVEMENT: WECON Movement is designed to empower the women of Pakistan by linking them with entrepreneurial opportunities and giving them access to better livelihood. It is aimed at building collaborative networks of like-minded people and organizations, to share knowledge and best practices to ensure we can work towards the unified goal of empowering women through entrepreneurship.

If you would like to join us in our mission, contribute or collaborate in any capacity, engage us for our innovation or incubation programs or simply keep updated with the happenings in the startup ecosystem of Pakistan, drop us a line at info@startup.pk

Click here to find out about the services we offer

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