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A personal coach is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. As part of our mission to teach one billion people, we’re making ourselves available to personally help you overcome the obstacles standing between you and your goal.

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Why Do You Need a Coach ?

If you already have a mentor, then maybe this isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you feel stuck, stagnant or aren’t getting the results you want, then hear us out. When you work with a coach, you are giving yourself the gift of objectivity. You are reserving time with yourself to work through problems that

otherwise would prevent you from achieving your goals. Each of our coaches has worked with a mentor to grow on a professional level. You don’t have to go at it alone. Learn from our mistakes and experiences.

Our Experts

Meet Your Coaches

Cheris Do

CEO & Funder

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator. If you need executive consulting, Chris is your best bet.

Ben Burns

Chief Operating Officer

If you’re starting a business and need actionable advice about growing from scratch and scaling your team, Ben can help.

Greg Gunn

Chief Creative Director

If you’re looking for guidance at any stage of your career, Greg is your guy. He’s opened (and run) an animation studio, sold a pilot to Disney.