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Edkasa & Traverous: Success Stories of Pakistan Startup Cup #Top12

Edkasa and Traverous:


Edkasa has been launched by two very enthusiastic and passionate individuals, Anam and Adnan. They picked a very important sector for their first startup and decided to bring innovation in the Education Sector of Pakistan.

The mission behind Edkasa is to provide easy access to quality education to our youth and enable them to take full advantage of future opportunities. Pakistan has the second highest number of adolescents who are out of school. Nearly 23 million adolescents never complete secondary education, which severely limits their future potential. This was the core force behind their mission which encouraged them to find a platform where anybody can have access to quality education.

Edkasa has launched their own educational platform in the form of a website. On this website individuals can register themselves and have access to different courses that are being offered.

This system is easy and simple, and now you can learn anything and opt for any course from the comfort of your home. Edkasa believes that no one should be left out from getting good education because this limits the opportunities available to them in future.

Mentors at Pakistan StartUp Cup helped Edkasa in building their business model and identifying their future challenges. Edkasa believes that their journey with Pakistan Startup Cup has been an amazing one and it has encouraged them to work on the minor details in their plan. Edkasa is empowering individuals through education and in the longer run they want to bring a huge change in the quality of curriculum being offered in Pakistan’s education systems. 


Edkasa| Anam & Adnan- Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-2019


Pakistan StartUp Cup 2018-2019 Grand Finale Winners



Traverous has been launched by two very spirited and committed youngsters, Emad Ehsan, 23 and Qandeel Abbasi, 22. Both of them are software students from NUST. Their mission behind Traverous is to build the largest travellers’ community in the world through their application called Traverous.

Traverous is the social travel journal app for every individual who loves travelling. On traverous you can turn your complete journey into a beautifully animated video with its unique features that make it look like it has been shot by a drone.

The best thing about Traverous is that it is very simple and convenient to use. The whole process is automated. All you have to do is launch the app before you begin and click upload in the end. You can also add pictures and videos that you have captured yourself to the final product.

Traverous is already being used by over 2000 travelers around the globe. Travellers from over 50 countries have made travel journals of over 800 beautiful destinations around the world.

Traverous had an amazing journey with Pakistan Startup Cup where they were mentored on each step by the best mentors in the city. It helped them to fix the problems in their business model and get guidance about legal challenges.


Deaf Tawk & Alfalah: Success Stories of Pakistan Startup Cup Top#12



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