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Pakistan Startup Cup Grand Finale: Up-Close & Personal [2018-2019]

Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19 by TIE Islamabad in collaboration with U.S. Embassy ended up with startups from Peshawar putting a big fat dent on the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan by securing the 1st and 2nd Runner Up Positions in the Competition. The Grand Finale pitching session was held in Marriott Islamabad on 13th June 2019.

Winner of Pakistan Startup Cup title was secured by Nano It Solutions from Peshawar, 1st Runner Up position was secured by DeafTawk from Islamabad and 2nd Runner Up Position was a tie between Aprus Technologies from Peshawar and Receipt Bot from Karachi.

Journey of Pakistan Startup Cup 5th Edition By TIE Islamabad

Listen to the Guftugu of Gurus on how to build and grow your business

Pitching Session

Top 18 Finalists included the Top 3 Startups from the 6 base stations to compete for the title. The pitching session was judge by an esteemed panel of judges that included:

  • Imtiaz Rastgar (Chairman Rastgar Group of Companies)
  • Sayyed Ahmad Masud (Managing Director Channel 7 and CEO Change Mechanics Private Limited)
  • Shahid Mir (CEO System Research Private Limited)
  • Anusha Rehman (Former Minister for IT and Telecommunication)
  • Monis Rehman (Executive Chairman Naseeb Networks)
  • Mansoor Malik (Chairman Kamyab Pakistan)
  • Humayun Mazhar (CEO CresVentures)
  • Sarah Hashwani (President TIE Islamabad)
  • Shameelah Ismail (Co-Founder & CEO Ghar Par)
  • Mehvish Arifeen (Co-Founder & COO Ghar Par)

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The Top 18 Finalists pitched their idea in front of the panel of judges and were evaluated on set criteria. The

Nano IT Solutions aims to create Immersive Human Experiences. This startup is the first in Pakistan to create and develop Commercial Entertainment and Educational Immersive VR products based on Motion Platforms and Software Content.

DeafTawk is a digital platform service that aims to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and the general public in real-time via a sign language interpreter. We provide online sign language interpretation services, audio-video translation services, and sign language training.

Aprus is manufacturing the safest, most efficient and reliable electrosurgical units used for cutting and coagulation of tissues during surgeries. This project aims at developing a smart and highly advanced electrosurgical unit based on the latest technology at the lowest possible cost.

Reciept Bot is the ultimate solution to your daily hassle of Accounting and Bookkeeping. This startup is automating the Accountancy and Bookkeeping profession with the power of AI. Receipt Bot is a robot accountant that performs data entry and accounting for companies. All business needs is to scan/snap and upload the documents, and leave the rest to the bot.

Traverous is mobile app incorporating social features specially crafted for the needs of travelers. What makes it unique is that it enables a traveler to capture, revive, and relive their travel experiences incorporating 3D maps.

Edkasa believes that learning should not be limited by anything and the greatest challenge in education today is to make a great teacher available to students who want to learn. Edkasa make great teachers accessible to students through online courses by leveraging technology.

An up and coming Digital Media Company, ProperGaanda, is an independent recorder of Pakistan’s peculiarities, amplifying the voice of progressive Pakistanis from all over the world while still focusing on creating quality content. It churns out visual and written content based on politics, culture, satire and entertainment.

PetVet is one of a kind platform for all the pet owners. With PetVet, pet owners can create profile pages of their pets, and post their social activities. Furthermore, you can sell pet accessories, find vet clinics around you and much more.

Reflection Laundry Services is the ultimate solution to all your laundry woes. From pick-up to delivery, Reflection will take care of your laundry & leave you to enjoy your weekend plans.

NAAS is providing a system that helps farmers control the water flow for irrigation through a server controled valve. They also manufacture Solor Plate with dry battery, which can work properly and handle all the sensors and micro controllers.

Doso is a startup from Quetta that aims to control our appliances through mobile application and through voice command. Doso makes lives easier, as with their solution, you can control your heavy appliances, water indication, door locking system voltage and much more.

KB’S mission is to provide and supply pure and organic mustard oil in the market. Running in the business from the past 4 years, they are serving pure and organic products to the people of Balochistan.

Gul Technology is building an IoT based smart protection helmet for coal miners. The helmet can detect multiple gases exuding from mines in real time. It can keep track of worker’s real time location inside the mine. The helmet is also able to analyze the ever-changing environment of mines and alert the miner through different sounds, vibrations, lighting, and automatically sending an SoS call to outside world in case of the immobilization of miner due to fainting.

Abey KHAO aims to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth by creating employment and business opportunities for them. Abey Khao is not only the name of a restaurant from where you can treat your taste buds with great food, but also the success story of differently abled young entrepreneurs. Their disability was like a driving force that kept them moving towards success.

Mauqa Online is the Uber of Domestic Helpers. It is a platform that provides domestic employers with verified and trained helpers (like maids, cooks, babysitters) on demand. They come to the rescue of customers when they need an extra pair of hands at their home.

Closet is where people are given the choice to wear all their favourite clothes and have their Cinderella moment without having to pay a hefty amount to wear them and instead pay small amount of rent to the owner of the clothes.

Verifapp is a mobile registration service that disables your mobile phone when it is lost or stolen and helps you recover it.

Bera, a startup from Peshawar is all about empowering cottage industries and local artists. The startup aims to make the traditional products of Pakistan an international trend.

Closing Ceremony

After the final pitching session, The closing ceremony of Pakistan Startup Cup took place the next day on 14th June 2019 in Marriott Islamabad. The Closing ceremony began with the welcome remarks by the Executive Director of TIE Islamabad, Zeeshan Bin Shahid. Next up was a Panel Discussion “What’s next for Pakistan’s Startups” in which the Pakistan Startup Ecosystem was discussed by top entrepreneurs and key players.

The Closing ceremony was also blessed with the presence of U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Paul W.Jones and Federal Minister, Shafqat Mahmood. Both appreciated the efforts of TIE Islamabad and the potential of Pakistani Startups.

Paul W.Jones said,  “You all represent the next generation of business leaders and with the skills you have been honing here, you are equipped to solve the most challenging problems and create durable solutions for your communities, for Pakistan& for the global community.”

He also added that, “The American are entrepreneurs by nature and it is a natural connection for us to have the opportunity to meet and see the tremendous entrepreneurship that’s going on here in Pakistan and to have the opportunity to connect some of the leading entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs and investors in the united states is a great privilege for us.”

Federal Minister, Shafqat Mahmood said, “Incubation centres in the universities are playing a vital role for developing startups”, and added that the budding entrepreneurs need to know about the facilities available in the country for them that could make their startup journey easy and takeoff quickly.

He further said that Pakistan has numerous available opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs and it is a positive sign that youth is going towards those. Research and Development will help in tackling the challenges faced by the startups.

He said that Pakistan is 71 years old and our literacy rate is still 58%. Ways of educating people are changing with a rapid speed and the world is moving on towards modern technology in educating people. He told the budding entrepreneurs to develop apps that would help in increasing the literacy rate.

At last came the most awaited time of the closing, where the winners were announced and awarded cash prizes.

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