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June 17, 2021 Marketing

6 ways startups can benefit from social media

A modern customer is used to doing everything instantly and prefers it at their fingertips. Since their smartphones developed into universal machines for selecting, paying and receiving goods and services, the importance of social media has become obvious to the most avid critics.

October 3, 2020 Ecosystem

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Startups

Disclaimer: This Article is¬†updated by Yusra Qasim. Starting a business has never been simple, not now, not in the past. It requires hard work and devotion in terms of time, money and resources, to get people to start buying from a store. A few decades back the difficulties faced by start-up companies for marketing their…

July 23, 2019 Events

10 Ways Of Boosting Your Startup Through Instagram

Instagram is one of the most influential social media platform in Pakistan. About 6.3 million people from Pakistan use Instagram. Although, Instagram is mainly known for its pretty pictures but its most renowned advantage is how it helps startups boost their productivity. 60% of people claim that they discover most products through Instagram. Why is…

July 17, 2019 Marketing

5 Social Media Tips for Startups

Creating a product or service is easy but convincing people to buy it is the challenging part. Everybody agrees that social media has now become a very integral part of our lives. The capacity to share photographs, opinions, occasions, continuously has changed the manner in which we live and, likewise, the manner in which we do business.