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Startup Tribe: Startupdotpk Community for Entrepreneurs.

A community of like-minded, and aspiring individuals.

The road on a startup journey is hard with numerous ups and downs but what is even harder is the fact that most startup founders specifically, and emerging entrepreneurs in generally have to take this road alone.  

When you join a community of similar thinking individuals, automatically, that burden is reduced and a sense of belonging washes over you. This community not helps you out with resources and potential networking opportunities, but also, gives you emotional support to ensure mental stability and avoid burnouts. 

Furthermore, you can meet local as well and global networks who have similar interests and goals. Even though it is a primarily virtual community  but regular interactions and occasional local meetups will include lots of opportunities for you to learn, grow, and discuss on a wide range of topics. aims to harness the bond between entrepreneurs by creating a healthy entrepreneurial community. This community prides itself on being an inclusive learning circle where everyone and anyone interested in startup journey and  ecosystem can be a part of this. 


All are welcome to join the Startup Tribe. 


You can join and follow our social platforms:

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Facebook Tribe group: @startupdotpk 

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