Should you consider a Co-Working Space for YOUR Startup?                        

Considering a co-working space is just like a second home!

What would you prefer if you had that decision to make in order to maintain your physical fitness? Do you feel you can challenge yourself more at the gym surrounded by other like-minded people or you are someone who believes that fitness can be achieved at home? If you have the answer to this question, then you are most likely to arrive at a quick decision of whether co working space is the right place for you to work or not.

At present, working in a community workplace has taken off as a trend and co working is becoming increasingly popular. Many startup teams, remote workers and even young freelancers are building their businesses in co working spaces that are suitable for their business needs and personal preferences. Anyhow, it won’t be wrong to say that Co working offers more freedom, flexibility and a diverse working environment without having to worry much about the detailed costs of running a personal office.

Co-working Spaces across the major cities in Pakistan

Even so with all its good features, there are some limitations that might make you choose otherwise. Let’s see what the odds can be while tossing around a co-working space:

  1. Meetings in co-working spaces

PROS: Before co-working spaces, there was a time when people used to have formal meetings in coffee shops which was distracting and causal given that all kinds of people walk in and out of that, then there is loud music or dropping Wi-Fi signals. But now with the existence of such spaces, it has become very convenient for all kinds of independent workers to enjoy a formal office-feel like meeting with their clients.

CONS: Having meetings in co-working spaces can still get frenzied because some co working spaces have shared meeting rooms that easily get filled up at peak hours. Sometimes, you also might not get the meeting time you want since there are other teams looking for the same time slot.

  1. Co-working community

PROS: One of the advantages that you enjoy in a co-working space is getting to meet innovative minds and building shared networks and exploring more opportunities for your own venture. It also adds to your own learning experience and gives you a sense of belonging to a community of smart entrepreneurs. There is a possibility that they can become your potential clients.

CONS: There can be chances of collaboration with the other party of similar interests or you might as well end up in a serious unhealthy competition leading to unnecessary disputes.

  1. Privacy & Lack of attention

PROS: It is often said that there are greater reasons for getting distracted when you are working from home due to which a lot of time is wasted on things that you haven’t planned on doing.

CONS: Even a co-working space can get you agitated if you are someone who looks for pin-drop silence while at work and have noisy co-workers around being the cause of your lack of attention. It is very important to visit the place and inspect the feel of it so that you don’t get surprised by the time you actually pay to work there. Besides, you seldom get privacy especially when you are looking to make confidential calls, conduct team meetings or need to deal with your lawyer regarding your private legal matters.

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  1. Amenities & benefits

PROS: Whenever you will be out looking for a suitable co working space, you will notice that every brand will offer different attractive packages with a ton of amenities and benefits that will catch your eye and it will somehow help you in your work.

CONS: You need to be wary of the add-ons which can cost you additional charges such as for parking, kitchen use or snacks etc. Also, you might have to compromise on some amenities that you want for yourself, for instance, if you are someone who chooses his own hours of work but the co working place offers a schedule of 9-5, more it is at proximity to places you need to interact with then you have to compromise on one thing or another. For that reason, you will have less choice of customization so you will have to adjust accordingly.

  1. Culture in a shared environment

PROS: Many people have reported that they enjoyed the professional atmosphere of co working spaces and they find inspiration everywhere in there.

CONS: The connection of your team with the co working environment can be a downside for your branding since the client might judge you based on that environment. Then it is difficult to establish your own culture given that you are working in a shared environment. For this reason, it is crucial to look closely into the co working environment that should go well with your own aura.

After all, it depends on your priorities and needs that will shape your decision in deciding first whether you should look for one, and then which one should it be.

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