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SEO For A Startup: How To Build A Successful Promotion Strategy In 2021?

Disclaimer: This article is written by Ms. Iqra Iqbal as our Expert Guest Post Initiative. She is a Growth Driven Tech Writer.

SEO is a versatile marketing tool that can be effectively used to promote startups in a wide variety of niches.

SEO has evolved into search marketing in recent years and is suitable for most sites and various industries. If you build your strategy correctly, search engine optimization will be effective regardless of the project’s nature.

Startups are no exception, although most founders opt to use paid advertising to get results faster. But fast does not mean profitable, especially now, when almost all niches are overheated. And in the end, free organic traffic has never been superfluous for anyone. In the era of super fast-growing technology, the competition is also growing rapidly from business to business, and that’s why businesses are looking for online SEO service providers for their newbie websites.

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Today every niche is saturated. No matter which industry you step in there are already some giants in every industry waiting for your competition. Accessing and serving customer’s pain points with right and unique resolutions determines the success of any newly built startup. No matter in which industry you are to compete in. It totally relies on your efforts and one day your goals are accomplished.

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Why SEO Is a Crucial Startup Promotion Tool

Promotion in search engines provides a site owner with many advantages. But let us consider search engine marketing in the context of promoting startups.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Thanks to organic search traffic, you get virtually free information about your target audience and their behavior on the site through web analytics. Collecting similar data through the same campaign in context will cost a lot of money;
  • “Warm” traffic that generates conversions and profits (people with already formed demand more often come from organic search results);
  • No need to pay for every click (out of money – out of clicks);
  • Regular SEO work translates into long-term return for the startup over several years;
  • Increasing product/brand awareness through the reach in search results;
  • The formation of a permanent loyal audience around the startup.

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The main reason startup owner’s give-up SEO in favor of other marketing tools is that it takes a long time to get good results with search engine progress. But the advantages that can be obtained in the end cover this disadvantage several times.

Focus on Mobile: Speed and Responsiveness Are a Priority.

According to study in 2019, 53 percent of web traffic worldwide came from mobile users as compared to desktop users. Now everyone prefers to search on smartphone devices instead of large devices, so today we have to follow the important trends, and to optimize our website’s each page according to the mobile users. This is all the truer for startups. Most of them are tied to new technologies, which attracts an appropriate audience for which the smartphone has long become the primary device for working online.

Two key factors to focus on when adapting a mobile device website are responsive design and loading speed. It is necessary to ensure that the site is equally convenient to use both on a desktop and smartphone, affecting both conversions and ranking in search.

Create Content to Support and Promote Your Product

Content marketing is one of the must-haves when promoting any startup. And it’s not just SEO. The systematic creation of high-quality and unique content provides the following benefits:

  • Growth of free traffic from organic search;
  • The attraction of the target audience, some of which become users of your product;
  • Development of the high-quality links, as external links appear too exciting articles for the readers;
  • Formation of a loyal audience around the business.

When promoting startups, it is worth focusing efforts on generating content that demonstrates the product in action, shows how it can solve its target audience’s problems, answer possible questions from potential customers, test against competitors, make reviews of individual functions, etc.

If resources permit, do not limit yourself to texts only. Strive for more variety and experiment with infographics, videos, create PDFs, do research, and test other content formats.

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Links: Guest Articles, Crowd & Niche Media

Okay, since we’re on the backlinks topic, it’s worth noting that this area needs special attention. High-quality backlinks and good dynamics of their growth increase the site’s authority in search engines, simplify and accelerate its promotion. And for a startup, the time factor is significant.

In addition to buying links through exchanges, there are several other ways to get them, which show good effectiveness for promotion in search engines:

  • Crowd marketing;
  • Writing guest articles for blogs and specialized publications;
  • Publications in niche media on topics relevant to you.

For search engines, such links look natural and have a good effect on increasing product awareness among the target audience.

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Build on User Intent

Any user goes to the site for a reason. He is looking for either an answer to a question or a solution to his problem. In search engine optimization, this user intent is called “intent,” It largely determines the nature of search results in response to a query.

The intent’s nature determines what types of pages the search algorithms will prioritize in the search for a given query: article, product page, pivot table, product, category page, etc. This is especially important for a startup since you need to maximize efforts to attract precisely the target audience. Time and money are usually short, in contrast to an already established business.

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Start by Making a Roadmap.

If this article has convinced you that SEO for a startup is a good investment, you need to start by writing a strategy.

Together with the service providers who will promote your project, draw up a roadmap and work plan – this will allow you to clearly understand what goals you will need to achieve, what will be required for this, and where you are in a specific period. You will need to answer the following questions:

Q. What SEO works are planned?

Q. How many hours of work of a specialist will be allocated for this?

Q. What budget should be given?

Q. What additional resources might be required?

Final Thoughts

A new product, a new niche, people do not know and are not looking for it – you need to generate their interest. There is a clearly expressed search engine interest – we do SEO and search advertising to get this traffic from search.

Don’t give up on your website’s optimization for users in any way. Make sure your product understands your audience pain points and solve their real-time problems. Create engaging content around your product. Once your website will have more pages on a specific topic/product; you will become more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

And there you look – and competitors will do the same to achieve their SEO success, but don’t give up in any way, once you start it up, keep putting more efforts by filling the gap by looking at your top competitors. You will have to fight in the search. And you already have all the trump cards in your hands.

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