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Why should you consider joining WECON Tribe as a Women Entrepreneur?

Tribe of Women Entrepreneurs

Q.Tired of being rejected at every pitch?

Q.No one is willing to invest in your business just because you’re a woman?

Q.Want to help other women grow their business?

Q.Can’t go out to work for your start-up because of family restrictions?

Q.Can’t find the right mentor to help you in your business?

Q.Want to become an influential, iconic and an inspiring entrepreneur?

If your answer to all of these questions is YES, then WECON Tribe is just the place for you!

WECON Tribe is a platform where women from all walks of life and not just Pakistan help other women in their entrepreneurial journey. The most interesting feature in joining this tribe is that you can even sign up as a mentor. This tribe aims to nurture, groom, and most importantly, uplift women.

WECON: What, Who, When, Where, Why? 

Why should you, as a female entrepreneur, join WECON Tribe?

An ocean of guidance:

Don’t know where and whom to ask for help when in a fix? WECON Tribe is the perfect solution to solve your problems. Post your query and see how fast your problem gets solved. And the best thing is, it’s absolutely free and you can ask for help whenever you want to! No restrictions!

Expand your horizons:

The chief advantage of joining WECON Tribe is that it provides you amazing networking opportunities from around the globe. Expand your circle by interacting and meeting new people and invite them to buy your products. Keep in contact with your fellows and you’ll know whom to ping when you need help. Learn from them and in return help them when they are in utmost need. You’ll never know how it may reward you in the long run.

Advice and help:

Don’t know how to make a logo? Stuck in a website flux? Well, then this is the place for you. Why are you waiting for a knight in shining armour when you have a tribe already gathered ready to help you in your quests? Post your question and to find the most reliable experts, mentors and coaches from every nook and corner willing to offer you advice. What more could one ask for?

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Growth and improvement:

Learn from the mistakes which others have made. Interact with others and share your failures so that the latter won’t make the same mistake as you did and vice versa. Learn from each other and observe the changes in yourself and your business. Give advice and take advice!

A land of inspiration:

Tired of struggling? Planning to give up? No matter how much you try, your business keeps on failing? Wait, till you join the WECON Tribe! Since it runs on girl power, women here tend to help lift each other up rather than bring each other down. This is your daily dose of Monday motivation!

Your gateway to limitless opportunities:

Who isn’t thirsty for more chances? Are you waiting for an opportunity to knock on your doorstep? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer. Drum Roll! Welcome to the largest entrepreneurial tribe where you shall find women from every suburb and city full of opportunities to help you and your business flourish. What are you waiting for then? Join the movement now!

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Avail discounts and much more!

Avail discounts and all sorts of free giveaways from various female entrepreneurs like workshop discounts, seminars, tickets for conferences etc. Attend them and expand yourself and your business, taking it to new heights.

What are you waiting for then? APPLY now and join the tribe!

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