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Google Business Group Comes to Lahore

Article Written by Usmah Naveed.


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For the past few years in Pakistan, we have seen a surge in opportunities. The city of Lahore, deemed by many as the tech hub of Pakistan is taking strides in replicating the Silicon Valley model. As the Industry Head for Google South Asia Farhan Azhar introduced the concept of ‘moonshot thinking’ to a packed audience of students at the University of Central Punjab I could sense Goosebumps in the atmosphere. Moonshot thinking was an unknown concept to the students.


Aim for the Moon so that you may Land among the Stars


It’s a sort of high-risk high-reward mentality which is essential in the field of innovation. Something the younger lot in Pakistan has been lacking. Those who adopt this mentality can be known as dreamers.

Google Business Group came to Lahore to tell everyone that ‘it’s okay to dream big!’

Google, the global front runner in technological innovation has been actively involved in the startup world through initiatives such as these. Google provides financial support, technological support and mentor ship to startups looking to grow their business. The Google Business Group Lahore chapter organized a meet and greet workshop for innovators called BizFest 2018.

The event was an opportunity for students, entrepreneurs and business developers to enhance their knowledge capacity through training, workshops and talks carried out by top experts and entrepreneurs. It was carried out with the intent of gathering all stakeholders of the ecosystem to discuss important topics such as, Digital Transformation, Video in Pakistan, Business Incubation, Future of Work, Moonshot Thinking, and Startup Ecosystem.


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Companies like Google have shaped global markets by integrating them through the utilization of data and technology. BizFest 2018 was meant to shed light on the potential of the technological space in Pakistan. It highlighted the ever-changing dynamics of the digital world and provided food for thought for attendees as to how to proactively deal with these changes. Sadaf Zarar, the Coca-Cola Pakistan Head of Integrated Marketing Communications, and Q-Mobile Group Marketing Director Zeeshan, talked about the challenges faced by organizations in the age of disruptive technology and highlighted how digital content has completely changed the way of advertising today.

In the spirit of innovation, conversations were directed to reinventing society and the way it thinks. Feminism and women’s rights in today’s day and age were some of the topics under discussion. Dr. Shazia Lone, the founder of LOSHA.pk spoke about the societal pressures women face in Pakistan and how we can try and move past them. She is undoubtedly one of the flag bearers for women entrepreneurship in Pakistan.


“Despite being the tech hub of Pakistan, Lahore doesn’t have a signature technology conference which would represent the achievements of the local community. BizFest 2018 is just the first step in a series of collaborative initiatives that we are planning in the coming years to mark Lahore as a technology capital in the world.” ArzishAzam Manager GBG


Group Photo of GBG Lahore Participants

This closing statement by the GBG team depicts their vision of using Google’s technology to bring forth a wave of technological transformation to Pakistan. The GBG Lahore team is determined to provide entrepreneurs, businessmen and students with the opportunities they lack to support the growth of the technological sector in Pakistan.



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