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Building it Up with Build A Business Workshop Faisalabad: Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19

This article is written by Malaika Fawad


Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19:  Build-A-Business Workshop


TiE Islamabad started Pakistan StartUp Cup in 2014, a journey of entrepreneurship, mentorship and Building Startups in Pakistan. Pakistan StartUp Cup is an initiative powered by GriffinWorx of Silicon Valley, with collaboration of TiE Islamabad and the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan. Over the years, TiE Pakistan StartUp Cup has visited 5 major cities of Pakistan; Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore. It is a platform for Startups who are willing to bring their StartUp ideas to actuality by getting mentored about all the how-to’s of the business world.



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The application process for TiE Pakistan StartCup 2018-19 began in Faisalabad in October 2018. Applications started flooding in right off and soon enough the number reached 200

As Zeeshan Shahid, Executive Director TiE Islamabad puts it, “as brilliant as each application was, it was very difficult for us to shortlist 75 startups out of these 200 applications to go into the first round of Pakistan Startup Cup”.

These StartUps were then invited to participate in the first round of Pakistan StartUp Cup; Build-a-business Workshop. Just like the previous editions of TiE Pakistan StartUp Cup, the response from Faisalabad was amazing! The two-day Build-A-Business workshop took place on the 15th and 16th of January in Serena Hotel, Faisalabad, where these 75 Startups and Mentors were welcomed by TiE Islamabad

The workshop consisted of Build-a-Business Workshop followed by mentors individually visiting each StartUp. Mentors guided these StartUps as well as scored each startup. Workshop was aimed at teaching Business Model Designs, Financial Plans and Marketing Strategies. While participants pitched their ideas to mentors, they were asked different questions about their plans which helped them address the complications in their business model.

Mohsin Raza, founder of LushPush was of opinion that their startup idea progressed from idea stage to proper business plan over the course of 2 days in this workshop.

Startups were each handed Pakistan Startup Cup Business Model Score Card (a large chart) to display their Business Model.

They identified:

1. Costs 

2. Revenues 

3. Capital and Revenue expenses

4. How they plan to cover them

5. Target Market

6. Resources they are going to need

7. Return on investment period

8. Marketing their StartUps


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The participating startups were able to improve their business models and receive guidelines about how to upgrade their methods. Startups found the workshop very insightful as it brought them closer to actuality and implementation.

The Mentors were top entrepreneurs and experts in their fields from different industries across Pakistan, however most of the mentors were Faisalabad residents who knew the geographical challenges these founders could possibly face in the future, and helped them sort out these issues beforehand. Mentors worked hard with these Startups to help them build financial plans, and marketing strategies, the energy in the room was astonishing!

Farhan Tufail | Mentor | (CEO Invictus Solutions | CIO United Industries)


Tanveer Mehdi | General Manager Operations Toyota

When asked what makes a startup successful, Haider Miraj, founder and director of Business Incubation Centre for University of Gujrat, put it briefly into 3 words;


Consistency, Consistency and Consistency!


Mentors showed great support for TiE Pakistan StartUp Cup, the initiative was endorsed by Tanveer Mehdi General Manager of Toyota, in following words “Startup Cup has provided a platform for young founders to think about the future”.

After 2 consecutive days of brainstorming on these ideas by both mentors and participants, judges announced the list of top 15 startups on strict merit criteria, who will go into the second round of Pakistan StartUp Cup:


Participants of Pakistan StartUp Cup


1- Automated Watering System

Upgrading the traditional methods of farming and taking agriculture to next level with innovative methods. Automated watering system is very convenient for farmers; it is applicable to all types of land; censors are installed all across the field and operated digitally. This will help farmers save time and increase productivity. Automate Watering System have been applied in different countries in the past but it is first of its kind in Pakistan.

2-  Darhi Mooch

Darhi Mooch is a StartUp that aims to improve the grooming of males with help of imported 100% natural products that are carefully selected for this purpose. Darhi Mooch seeks to improve the bearded lifestyle in Pakistan and make grooming easier for boys.

3- Financial Bits and Meaningful Insights

A Financial Management system that keeps a record of your Cash Inflow and Cash Outflow and helps you makes investment decisions. This Startup also seeks to encourage consumers towards saving by keeping track f their expenses and savings.

4- Fit Food Company

For all the health conscious people out there who are forever seeking clean food, Fit Food Company has the solution for you, Fit Company seeks to revive the culture of healthy food by merging the idea with trending fast food items e.g. Burgers, Pizzas etc. Along with keeping it hygienic, Fit Food will also make sure that their customers know what they are eating by providing them with complete detail of carbon, protein etc.

5- Fuel Oversee Device

Fuel Oversee Device is a setup that helps control corruption in fuel industry. Over the years Pakistan has struggled a lot at the hand of corruption and this StartUp seeks to play their part in controlling corruption and they have chosen the Fuel industry to start off as it plays a vital role in running many industries.

6- LushPush

Wash your car with lushpush online car service.

7- Lari Adda

Lari Adda is a cafe that is providing quality food in the center of faisalabad.

8- Microbial Fuel Cells

This startup is generating cheap electricity with fuel cells.

9- MintVich

Deliver anything at your door within a minute with this startup.

10-Pakistan Online Catering System

Pakistan Online Catering System, is a platform that understands all necessities of events and celebrations and wants to make your celebrations memorable. This StartUp will not only provide you with good food, it will also serve you by handling the decorations, all on one platform! Birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, whatever it is, now you know who to approach!

11- Pakistan Online Security Service

Feel secure with Pakistan Online Security Service! Need a security guard with you for a day or 2 day or several days, this startup has made it only one click away for you. Especially if you live in an area with high crime rate, this startup has the solution for many problems!

12- Petvet

Petvet is bringing a platform for pet lovers, now your pets can have their own social media presence with petvet. Not only this, it will connect with you the best vets near you, and help you share the activities of your pets with those of your fellow pet lover’s.

13- Pure Organic Desi Food Restaurant

This Startup has the solution for retired people who want to use their skills and experience for a good cause, as it aims to add more such people in their team. This StartUp looks forward to promoting Organic food in reasonable cost.

14- Reflection Laundry Service

This StartUp has the solution for all those facing Laundry issues. This startup will also provide you pick and drop service an offer different packages to keep it easy on pocket for its customers.

15- Research Essentials

This startup is especially designed for university students to help them solve time issues. Research essentials will help you in your research by providing you with the right software to conduct your research. This app will also help academically deficient students by providing theoretical content.

16- Smart Heater and Stoves

This StartUp has manufactured environmental friendly heaters and stoves which will help control health hazards by giving people an alternative to burning fossil fuels. This StartUp will especially target those areas in Pakistan that do not have access to gas and hence they are forced to use cheap methods of producing heat which can be very dangerous for their well-being.


17-Strip and Stretch

This Startup has the solution for all the busy ladies out there who always seem to run out of time for parlor. This StartUp will bring the parlor at your doorstep without any additional charges!

18- Trace.pk

Trace.pk will build an eco-system for consumers and business. On this platform consumer can find authentic information about different products in the market. This will help them identify what exactly they need and help them find it in the market. For Businesses is a great platform to market their products by uploading all details of their products and reaching the right customers.

19- Veggie Box

This StartUp will bring fresh fruits and vegetables at your doorstep, this will help people save time and energy as now you don’t have to drive all the way to the mart to buy fruits and vegetables. Convenient and easy!

20- Zumeera Perfumes and Air Freshners

Zumeera Perfumes and Air Freshners is a startup that is producing perfumes from natural flowers.

21- Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Lahore – VDL is One Stop Shop for your animals and it is providing diagnostic services and facility for all the animals.

22- Whiff Flavoured Water

Whiff Flavored Water is a startup that is replacing the carbonated drinks with their own organic flavored water.





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