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Coffee with WomenX entrepreneurs hosted by WECREATE with Umair Jaliawala.

By Anum Viqar

Womenx is a World Bank-funded global initiative, aimed at supporting women business owners through business education, networking and mentorship opportunities. Enclude has joined hands with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) to deliver the program in Pakistan.

WECREATE works hard for female empowerment through economic independence. They hosted a heartwarming and inspiring coffee to celebrate the graduates of Womenx and give attendees a little glimpse into the women’s experiences who participated in the program. Janske van Ejick, a representative of Enclude from the Netherlands also attended the event. Umair Jaliawala invited as moderator took to asking inspiring women their experiences and what their entrepreneurial journey has been like. Their inspiring stories had one thing in common and that was their will to rise above the difficulties, no matter how tough and keep moving forward with their head held high.

The graduating women also displayed a wide range of businesses in the form of stalls to give people an insight into what their business is about. Businesses ranging from catering services & beauty salons to day-care services & selling customized decorative plants really goes on to show that creativity and determination in women knows no bounds.

In the end, a small networking session allowed aspiring female entrepreneurs to chat with these remarkable women and get more insight. The evening wrapped up with people leaving not only inspired by the stories of other women but a will to start their own.

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