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5 Top Tips to Make a Social Media Marketing Plan.

Disclaimer: This Article is updated by Yusra Qasim.

Social Media Marketing has become an essential component in drawing customer attention, and hence, it is paramount for a start-up to deduce an effective plan. Start-ups often get intimidated when faced with the choice between spending money on marketing against the limited resources available. We are here to tell you that it might seem difficult, but it’s not impossible.

We will guide you on how to use your resources and increase your customer traffic through effective use of ‘Social Media Marketing’.

6 STEPPS to make a viral campaign for YOUR startup!

In a fast growing market like Pakistan, social media marketing has become increasingly popular as well as accessible to start-ups. Where previously this form of marketing was used majorly by the young, it is now increasingly used by all age brackets. This is due to the increasing trend of online marketplaces, encouraged by the ongoing Covid situation, which has compelled users to stay at home and avail everything at their door step. This also means that the start-ups need to grab their customers attention and more importantly, be able to retain it. If they fail to communicate their product in a manner which appeals to the customer, it takes but a moment to scroll to the next available item.

There are 5 basic steps for making a successful social media plan and we are going to help YOU get the most out of it.

1. Observe:

Start listening to the customer’s conversation on your social media platform. What makes them share your content and what makes them stick to your page? The key to a business success lies in the fundamental need of the customer. It’s all about the perception and the customer wants value for money.

2. Reflect

Use social media insights to develop your content strategy. Understanding your customer should be your priority.  Start-ups need to define and make customer personas of their target markets. So start thinking like the customer you wish to target. Once you understand your market, it will be easier to develop campaigns that lead to tremendous results.

3. Define:

Set out your goals & objectives that the campaign has to achieve. Successful marketing strategies include objectives. Remember each social media campaign should have only 1 goal which can successfully achieve multiple objectives. This ensures the success of the social media campaign as the customer is not confused among various messages. The more they are filled with content the more quickly customers are lost.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Startups.

4. Engage

Once the parameters are set, it’s time to launch the campaign. Like any other campaign, its best to analyse the results. The ultimate beauty of social media is the ‘responsiveness’ which allows start-ups to have a close feedback from the customers. Any query, comment or remark can be replied instantly which helps build a deeper connection with customers that leads to brand loyalty.

5. Analyse

Finally, it is the time to look back and check the results of the campaign to measure the success. Deep and careful analysis is the key. Understanding of the results help in planning marketing campaigns. It provides valuable insights on the target market and preference along with information on the best channel for marketing and communication.


One important thing to keep in mind, while working on the above mentioned steps, is to keep an eye on your competitors. Understanding them and their content can help in the development of the goals of the campaign and objectives. Remember, a successful campaign is one which keeps improving and adapting to the changing needs of the market. brings YOU tailored services just for YOUR needs. 

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