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Women Entrepreneurship Conference 2018

WECON’18 is on the way!

Last year, the Women Entrepreneurship Conference 2017 (WECON’17) was held at the HEC Auditorium, Islamabad on 11th March, 2017, bringing together a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ from Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to providing a platform for celebrating our iconic women entrepreneurs, WECON’17 also featured in-depth discussions with ecosystem builders, incubators, accelerators, government bodies and fresh startups-highlighting the need for building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem and the actions that can be taken to achieve this.

Now Women Entrepreneurship Conference 2018 (WECON’18) is set to take place in Lahore. Moving forward from last years’ theme which was “Create, Cultivate & Celebrate”, this year WECON’18 is highlighting “Inclusion”. While most conversations around gender equality understandably focus on the social and health benefits of greater inclusiveness, relatively less time has been dedicated to the important question of the critical role that women—as customers, employees, executives and entrepreneurs—are currently playing in transforming the global economy. Capitalizing on women’s participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem would translate into productivity growth in advanced economies and emerging markets as well.

This one-day conference puts female entrepreneurs face-to-face with established and experienced business owners, successful entrepreneurs and government officials speaking on topics such as access to capital, expanding to new markets, social innovation, overcoming challenges and breaking barriers. The one day conference will include panel discussions, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and will present several government programs and services available to entrepreneurs.

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