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WECON Movement

Women Entrepreneurship Conference (WECON) aims at creating a space for female entrepreneurs in the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. Women entrepreneurs can step up and contribute in the economic development of Pakistan, through an enabling environment and empowering domain. WECON encourages women entrepreneurs and stands up to cater for them by creating an enlightening and encouraging platform. This one day conference facilitates learning and in depth analysis, around creating an inclusive environment for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs.


After the successful run of WECON’17 last year, WECON’18 set to take place in Lahore this year. It will bring together the enablers, ecosystem builders, donors as well as aspiring and successful women entrepreneurs under one roof to have a meaningful effective dialogue. This year WECON will bring you;

  • WECON Awards: She Is Unstoppable

To celebrate successful female entrepreneurs WECON’18 brings you WECON AWARDS. It will not only allow us to highlight some amazing hardworking women but also acknowledge their achievements in a deserving manner. Categories for the first ever WECON AWARDS include;

  1. Most Promising Female-Led Startup Award
  2. Female Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  3. Female Micro entrepreneur of the Year Award
  4. Women Supporting Women Award of The Year

  • Launch of WEI : Women Entrepreneurship Index

WECON will launch its annual research on the state of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan for the first time. This research will help develop a statistics about the female entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan that is currently lacking.

  • Workshops on Business Modelling, Design Thinking & Story Telling :

This year WECON wants you to not only leave with knowledge but with skill. Workshops conducted on several important skills that an entrepreneur needs to have will add value to what you gain from this conference.

  • Entrepreneurs Lounge :

A meet & greet session to give the delegates an opportunity to network with experts having different expertise and backgrounds.

  • Investors Lounge:

The idea behind investor’s lounge is to fill in the gap of investment that so clearly lacks for female entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It will not only allow you to pitch your idea to potential investors & get investment but also educate you on how female entrepreneurs can get more investment for their business ideas.

  • Miro-Entrepreneurs Bazaar:

An exhibition by micro-entrepreneurs to give them a change to showcase their startups & micro-businesses. Its purpose is to shine a light on our female micro-entrepreneurs.

  • Panel Discussions:

Expert panelists will discuss the existing challenges the female entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan faces today and the solutions that can be applied in order to overcome these issues.

  • Key note addresses:

Talks by Iconic female entrepreneurs of Pakistan to serve as an inspiration for the budding and aspiring female entrepreneurs.

  • Wonder Woman:

Inspirational stories by young female startups of Pakistan that have taken the front seat and are changing the world as we know it.

& much more.

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