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Try-ON | Augmented Reality Fitting Room | Interview taken at the Finals of Pakistan Startup Cup 2018


Try-ON is an augmented reality fitting room, the founders are Izhar Khan and Abdul Moiz.

Now a days shopping is the most popular activity all around the world. The fashion industry is greatly dependent on in store activity, where the customers try on cloths in large amount. In order to facilitate the customers and to increase the amount of clothes one can try in short time, we have implemented a technology which will take the place of changing cloths physically in try rooms. This is an augmented reality dressing room that enables the customer to try on clothes virtually on a screen without taking them off in the dressing rooms.

Augmented Reality is changing the way we view the world. It blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer generated by enhancing what we see, feel, hear or smell. It is one of the most popular technologies these days. Our system is one of the applications of augmented reality that helppeople in shopping and make their clothes buying decision easy. It is an augmented reality fitting room and has many additional features as compared to other similar systems available in UK and USA. Following are the salient features:

  • Control through hand gestures.
  • Try unstitched clothes before buying them.
  • Try readymade dresses.
  • 3D models of the dresses and apply textures and patterns of real clothes on them.
  • Dresses that match the size of actual clothes.
  • Taking measurements of the human body and recommend their size of dresses available in the store.
  • Displaying ads when the system is in standby mode.
  • Mobile application to interact with the system.
  • Backend cloud server to store inventory of all brands.

Helping brands in increasing their business intelligence in order to show them which of their dresses are the most popular amongst the customers and how many times a particular dress is being used by the customers.

Listen to what the founders have to say about their idea:

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