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Tech Stars Startup Weekend Islamabad Women 2019

“Who run the world? Girls

Now it is time for those famous words to become a reality so why not participate in the Tech Startup Weekend wherein all of the activities that a startup requires. The main goal of this event is to empower the wonder women of Pakistan that will help them excel as entrepreneurs and thrive along with Pakistan.


Tech startup weekend is a unique opportunity wherein you can connect with various people with same passion and drive  as you in all walks of life who maybe your next co-founder,mentor or investor. This will allow you to meet many people some of whom may share similar experiences or have had separate experiences that you may learn from that will allow you to not only learn and grow but increase the number of connections you have that will allow you to thrive in our current environment.


Navigating a startup is a monumental task that requires tremendous amounts of grit and a solid sense of direction but we all can get lost sometimes and inn those situations we need someone to help us so why not come and meet the many experts with us that can help and guide you or maybe find a mentor that may give you advice and become your north star? but the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step so why not start with your first step here. Another advantage is that there are always resources around us but our ignorance is what will cause us to miss opportunity and to find out work must be put in so come down to the startup weekend.


To be able to learn requires the interest of the concerned party and the willingness to put time into the endeavor apart from that everything is provided in startup weekend wherein you will gain the ability to learn what you could never learn by just reading. It will allow for learning from experience whether it be your own, a mentors or a colleagues.


Startup weekend will provide the ideal environment to ensure that you keep going and learn as much as possible in 54 hours with the help of local organizers all that is needed is your motivation to learn.

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Startup Weekend Islamabad Women 2019 Details:

Date: Friday, September 13 – 15, 2019

Venue: National Incubation Center
Plot 24-B, Street 6
First Floor, National Information Technology Board, H-9/1
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000.

Hear it from the Women Entrepreneurs at the Event:

Bisma and Faiza | Co-founders of AIK 

Hina | Mentor 

Saba Lasoom | Co-founder Telesurgery

Samavia | Co-founder Sesame Closet

Ayesha Munawar | Founder Karamat

Fatima | Expert PMO Commercial at Jazz

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