June 9, 2017 Ecosystem sanya-inayat

StartUpdotpk Talk Series| One Million Freelancers Training Program to launch in Pakistan Soon| Ms. Anusha Rehman

The contributions in the IT sector owe primarily to the Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunication, Ms. Anusha Rehman’s energetic efforts who views Information Technology as one of the most important channels of youth empowerment in Pakistan. She is the woman behind revolutionizing the entire education and technology sector by introducing the most advanced IT tools in Pakistan. She has been awarded with the ‘GEM-TECH Global Achievers 2015’ award for her efforts to empower women through technology and bringing Pakistan closer to international standards in the IT and Telecom industries. Another significant contribution includes initiative of technical ICT skill development and capacity building program particularly for the less privileged women of the society to provide them with the self-employment opportunities.

Ms. Anusha Rehman

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