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Startup.pk Daily Digest | Global Pakistan Tech Summit 2020

Global Pakistan Tech Summit brings to you 200+ global speakers, along with 100+ sessions, to discuss “Rebuilding Pakistan” as we dive into the “Recovery Plan” for the post-pandemic era.

Here is a quick review of daily sessions & what has been happening in the Global Pakistan Tech Summit

29th June 2020

  1. The Journey Towards a Digital Pakistan
  2. Expansion in Silicon Valley
  3. Leadership & Innovation: How to Lead a Revolution in your Startup, Corporation or Nation
  4. Secrets Management with HashiCorp Vault with Janshair Khan
  5. ESPORTS Talk with Arsalan Ash and Bilal Ilyas

28th June 2020

  1. Starting a Business: From Idea to Launch
  2. Fireside Chat with Suleman Shahid | First 100 Days of Virtual Reality : Putting the Cart and the Horse in the Right Order
  3. Building the right Tools, Talent and Infrastructure in Data Sciences
  4. Career Game Dev Panel
  5. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. Fireside Chat w/ Sheba Najmi (Code for Pakistan)

Exclusive Podcast with Neil Patel: SEO King and Marketing Maestro

27th June 2020

  1. Mastering your Personal Elevator Pitch
  2. Fireside Chat with Shehryar Hydri
  3. Building role models in the Digital Future
  4. Impacting Lives #2 with Umair Jaliawala
  5. Analytics for Games with Nabeel Sulaiman (Next Games)
  6. The Next Gen Startups
  7. Community Building | Learning to Give – Panel Discussion
  8. Software Development as a Career

26th June 2020

  1. Future of on Demand Delivery in Post Covid Era
  2. A Compassionate Living: Mental Health 2.0
  3. VR Panel with PWiC and IGDA Pakistan
  4. 500 Startups’s Ecosystem-Building Efforts throughout the World

Listen to Podcast Series- Kuch Batein for a healthy dose of Winning Strategies

25th June 2020

  1. Fireside with Shahid Kamal and Jaqub Ajmal: A session with two fantastic speakers: Shahid Kamal Ahmed – Making games and helping developers since 1982 aka your GameDev Chacha & Jaqub Jamal – Producer. Click here to watch the session
  2. Fireside Chat with Farah Khurrum, Her Career Journey from Returnship to Navigating Corporate Life: Farah is a Software Engineer at Azure in Microsoft, Board member and Treasurer for Pakistani Women in Computing, Board member of Pakistanis at Microsoft, Women Techmakers Ambassador – Seattle. An advocate of education, diversity, and inclusion at the workplace, and enjoys helping and empowering others. Click here to watch the session
  3. How to Adapt and Innovate as a Freelancer: A session with Faiza. Faiza Yousuf is a technologist with over 10 years of experience in building products and teams. She is an award-winning community leader and the force behind WomenInTechPK. She co-founded CodeGirls, a community-funded coding boot camp for girls, and runs the online education program for Blockchain and AI from CryptoChicksPakistan. Click here to watch the session

24th June 2020

  1. Silicon Valley to Pakistan: Enabling Technology Transfer: A discussion on Enabling Technology Transfer from ‘Silicon Valley to Pakistan’ with John Hoover, ???????? Acting Chargé d’Affaires – US Embassy Pakistan, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, ???????? Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Najeeb Ghauri, Chairman NETSOL Technologies, Dr. Naveed Iftikhar, Founder Learners’ Republic, Adjunct Faculty LUMS, PIDE, Shehab Farrukh Niazi, Editor in Chief – Startup Guide Pakistan & Arzish Azam, CEO Ejad Labs, Director – Startup Grind Pakistan. Click here to watch the seesion
  2. Building Communities as a Student: A session with Huda Feroz – Habib University Karachi, Samina Ismail – BUITEMS Quetta, Fiza Roheel – FAST University Lahore & Ramsha Saad – Global Lead PWiC. Click here to watch the session

Tania Aidrus on Building Pakistan in Bits and Bytes

23rd June 2020

  1. Fireside Chat w/ Mujeeb Zahur (MD S&P Global): With more than 9 years at the data company, Mujeeb currently leads S&P Global operations in Pakistan, the Philippines and Argentina. He is responsible for executing on organizational strategy at the three sites, in close collaboration with leaders in Data/Content, News & Research, Technology, Client Support, Sales, and Account Management, among other functions. Click here to watch the session
  2. Epiphany Talks Session – Health Tech Panel Discussion: A Session with Fahad Aziz & Shahrukh Babar on how technological advancements in AI, AR, nanotechnology and robotics have made healthcare accessible, efficient and more accurate. Click here to watch the session
  3. Evolution of the Startup Ecosystem: A session with the veterans of Pakistan’s tech ecosystem for an insightful discussion on the Evolution of the Startup Ecosystem with Jehan Ara, President – P@SHA, Yusuf Hussain, Senior Partner – JumpCurve / Former CEO Ignite, Nabeel Qadeer, Business Coach, Faisal Sherjan, Angel Investor & Roshanay Asif Sheikh, Director – Startup Grind Sialkot. Click here to watch the session

22th June 2020

  1. Fireside Chat: The Journey of VisionX: Fireside with Waqas Mushtaq, Co-founder & Managing Director – VisionX and Umair Multani, Head of Growth & Partnerships – hosted by Maryam Arshad, Founder & Director – Impact Dynamics. Click here to watch the session
  2. The Future of Commerce Tech: A discussion on ‘The Future of Commerce Tech’ with Ali Aziz, Founder & CEO at ShopDev & Shopistan, Saaid Khan, Product Manager at Facebook, Hasnat Naveed, Senior Product Manager at Amazon & Anum Naseem, Program Manager at NSPIRE – NETSOL’s Business & Tech Incubator. Click here to watch the session
  3. AR Panel with PWiC and IGDA Pakistan: A session with Augmented Reality (AR) specialists to find out more about the emerging trends in AR and how they will impact the future of computing. The specialists included Abbas Saleem Khan, CEO at Optera Digital, Novaira Masood, Chapter Lead at Pakistani Women in Computing, Abdul Rafay, Director Product Engineering at VisionX & Misbah Uraizee, Product Manager at Facebook. Click here to watch the session

Impact of COVID-19 on Startup Investment Scenario

21st June 2020

  1. Fireside Chat w/ Superstar of STEM Australia: A session with Muneera Bano, Muneera Bano a passionate advocate for women in STEM, she was announced as the ‘Most Influential Asian-Australian Under 40’ in 2019. Click here to watch the session
  2. Serverless for Startups and Developers: A session with Donnie Prakoso, Sr. Developer Advocate ASEAN at AWS for a session on ‘Serverless for Startups and Developers’. Donnie Prakoso is a software engineer, self-proclaimed barista, café racer enthusiast, and Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. With more than 16 years of experience in the technology industry, from telecommunications, banking to startups. Click here to watch the session
  3. Fireside Chat w/ Ehsan Saya (MD Daraz, Alibaba Group): A session with Ehsan Saya, Ehsan Saya is a former investment banker and is now serving as the Managing Director at Daraz. Daraz is South Asia’s leading online shopping and selling platform present in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal. Click here to watch the session
  4. Fireside Chat w/ Raheel Bodla (Success Coach): Raheel Bodla Success Coach is a Business Coach based in Silicon Valley with 20 years of work experience. He coaches and serves business owners, startups and leaders to maximize their results.Click here to watch the sessions

20th June 2020

  1. Executive Baithak – The New Normal for Travel Influencers: A session with Jean Mouret, Director at Explorer Culture – Mexico, Josh Stockdale, CEO & Cofounder Dream Beach Media – England, Safaa Rauf Khan, Founder Mad Media & Utopia Retreats – Pakistan & Valentine Thomas (Pending) A Lawyer Turned Spear-fisher Woman – Canada IG. Click here to watch the session
  2. Building Lean Businesses on Amazon Web Services: A session with Frank Ang, he is an AWS Senior Solutions Architect based in Singapore. He is fully engaged as an advisor, educator, and guide for startups and enterprises in Asian Emerging Markets. Click here to watch the session
  3. Women in Tech: A session to bring women, minorities and their allies in science and engineering together (online) to discuss how they have mastered in every field, things that matter and address issues in a time of Coronavirus, isolation and uncertainty. Click here to watch the session
  4. The rise of digital payments in the times of Covid 19: A session on the opportunities put forward by covid 19 for digital payments in Pakistan and APAC, Challenges faced by digital payment companies in covid 19 times & Digital payments in post covid 19 era. Click here to watch the session
  5. Fireside Chat with Mian Khurrum about Future of Work and Seizing the Opportunity: A session with Mian Khurram on how COVID-19 has impacted everyone globally and a tragic loss of life and economic hardship everywhere. Click here to watch the session
  6. Rebuilding Pakistan: A session with Rehan Allahwala for an interactive session on ‘Rebuilding Pakistan’, Rehan is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Click here to watch the session
  7. Digital Pakistan – Role of IT Sector: The session revolves around the challenges IT Sector is facing and what initiatives the Government is taking to improve the IT Sector in Pakistan. Click here to watch the session
  8. Management Tracks in Tech Panel: A session with Alishba Khwaja, Sheeba Malik, Aiza and Omer discussing the management tracks in tech panel. Click here to watch the session

“Startups develop the ‘Rockstar Syndrome’ by winning & pitching than actually doing business.”

19th June 2020

  1. How Tech Startups grow and scale through AWS: A Session with Kai focused on the needs for startups to grow and scale fast, AWS provides numerous startup programs that support startups at various stages, from MVP to Growth Stage, focused on 2 key pillars, technology innovation and go to market support. Click here to watch the sessions
  2. Fireside Chat w/ Cesar Hernandez (Founder – Omni Public): A session with Cesar, Cesar has worked the past 10 years as an innovation policy advisor, political consultant, public affairs strategist and government relations professional. Click here to watch the session

18th June 2020

  1. How to Build AI-Driven Applications: A session with Faisal, he is a Startup Solutions Architect at AWS. He supports startup customers in U.S. leverage AWS cloud. Click here to watch the sessions
  2. What Investors look for: from Startup Dynamics to Market Dynamics: An amazing session with Marcelo Díaz Bowen & Hira Irshad (CEO Aprus Tech), Marcelo has more than 20 years of experience in Venture investments, Innovation management, Corporate Innovation, founding and cofounding early stage companies, managing international business all over the globe, founding and managing Business Incubators, Accelerators and Venture Capital Firms, designing and implementing: business models, value propositions, strategic partnerships, fundraising, market penetration strategies and commercial channels. Click here to watch the session
  3. Epiphany Talks – Gaming, a Win-Win for Investors: A Session with investors and investees in the Gaming Industry that will reflect on investment opportunities, expected return on investment and future outlook. The panelists included Khurram Zafar – Director 47 Ventures Ltd – Pakistan, Ali Ihsan, CEO Frag Games – Pakistan & Faraz Ahmed – CEO Turbo Labz – Pakistan. Click here to watch the session
  4. Expanding your business to the United States: A primer on tax considerations and finance and pricing strategies: A session with Zain Nensey & Martins I. Imudia. Click here to watch the session
  5. Fireside Chat w/ Asad Warraich (Pakistani-American Serial Entrepreneur): A session with Asad Warraich, he is a serial entrepreneur of Pakistani origin in Silicon Valley. Asad has started and successfully operated 3 restaurants in the US and Pakistan. He is currently running 3 health-care companies in the Home Health and Hospice domain. . Click here to watch the session

17th June 2020

  1. Workshop: Self-Branding via Linkedin by Saba Rasheed Malik: Self-branding via LinkedIn with a handful of action steps to be included in your profile, right away. A complete workshop by Saba Rasheed Malik. Click here to watch the session
  2. Canada-Pakistan Tech Exchange: Enabling Cross Border Innovation: A discussion on Enabling Cross Border Innovation for Canada-Pakistan Tech Exchange with Wendy Gilmour, ???????? Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Raza Bashir Tarar, ???????? Pakistani High Commissioner to Canada, Zeeshan Ali, Vice President – Canada at Salesforce & Naveed Iftikhar, Public Policy Adviser, Teacher & Entrepreneur. Click here to watch the session
  3. Moving Forward with Clean-Tech (Session 2) – Energy and Water: A Session with some amazing start-ups and companies in the clean-tech as they share their stories and chart the way forward in uncharted domains. Click here to watch the session

16th June 2020

  1. Ecopreneurship & Advocacy: A Two-Pronged Approach to Sustainability: A session with Samar Hasan, Saira Ahmad, Mohsin Gul, Hira Wajahat, Anam Zeb & Catherine Florez de Uria. Click here to watch the session
  2. Fireside Chat with Safwan Shah (Founder & CEO – PayActiv): An engineer by training, fintech expert by experience and entrepreneur by accident, Safwan is the founder and CEO of PayActiv.Click here to watch the session

15th June 2020

  1. Virtual Communities Strengthening Entrepreneurs: A session with two women community leaders Ayesha Nasir, Founder,Scaryammi & Tehmina Asad, Country Director, Connected Women Pakistan. Click here to watch the session
  2. Funding Opportunities For Women Entrepreneurs: A session with Kalsoom Lakhani – Founder and CEO, Invest2Innovate (i2i), Rabeel Warraich – Founder and CEO, Sarmayacar & Khurram Zafar – Director, 47 Ventures. Click here to watch the session
  3. Celebrating Pakistani Women Leaders of North America: A session with three highly successful Pakistani women leaders of North America: Senator Salma Ataullahjan (Canadian Senator), Sabina Zafar (Vice Mayor, City of San Ramon, USA) & Muazma Zahid (President, Pakistani Women In Computing – PWiC). Click here to watch the session

14th June 2020

  1. Fireside Chat with Farah Ali: Farah Ali is Co-Founder & CTO of FreightWeb, Co-Founder & Board Chair at Pakistani Women in Computing, Co-Founder & President One Good Act. Her focus throughout her career has been in deep technical roles starting with an engineering role at Microsoft. Click here to watch the session
  2. Technical Recruitment and How to survive the current Job Market: A session with Muhammad Sheraz & Haris Salman that brings you interesting insights on corporate tactics and a rare glimpse into the Post-COVID corporate world with tech gurus and industry insiders. Click here to watch the session
  3. Becoming a Google Developer Expert (GDE): A session with Wajahat Karim & Nimra Maqsood on Google Development. Click here for the session

13th June 2020

  1. Coaching Through COVID with Nabeel Qadeer:  A session with Nabeel Qadeer, a Senior Certified Professional Coach, in an online session as he talks about how the art of coaching can bring out the best in you in these trying times. Click here to watch the session
  2. Post Pandemic Tech Business Opportunities: A session with Mohammad Ali Langah (Director & CEO, Human Capital Optimization Services). Click here to watch the session
  3. Beyond Barriers: How Pakistani Women in Tech are disrupting the conventional mindset?: A that revolve around the mindset of society, aspirations for a young girl to pursue a career in tech, highlighting issues in entering into this domain and sustain as well as a hot discussion on issues like gender stereotyping, career switching, support from male allies and a lot more. Click here to watch the session
  4. A Fireside Chat with Digital Product Veterans:  A session with Haris Zulfiqar – Product Developer WordPress, Fahad Shakeel – GM Marketing – Nextwerk Inc, Emraan Cheema, Co-Founder – Cridio Studio, Abdullah Ramzan, Sr. Software Engineer – Nextbridge & Co-host – CMX Connect Lahore. Click here to watch the session

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12th June 2020

  1. Nutrition Management of Patients with COVID 19-from Hospital to Home:  A session with Dr. Fatima Qamar, MPH John Hopkins University, Yasmin Butt – Clinical Psychologist, Leena J Khan – Clinical Nutritionist,Noor-e-Huma – Program Officer Rizq (Moderator). Click here to watch the session
  2. Building a brand strategy: Essentials for long-term success: A session with Safar Zarrar. Click here to watch the session
  3. Ask Me Anything by Epiphany with Sajeer Shaikh: Sajeer Shaikh is a journalist in the making, who is currently an Editor and Manager at MangoBaaz. Her op-eds have been published in The Express Tribune and she is also a Contributor at Thought Catalog. Click here for the session
  4. Why UX is Important for businesses: A session featuring Mudassir Azeemi, UX Guru from Silicon Valley. Mudassir is a product designer who enjoys creating user-centric, delightful human experiences. Click here to watch the session
  5. Fireside Chat with Sundas Khalid: Sundas Khalid is a Senior Analytical Lead at Google and previously a data scientist at Amazon. Sundas’ story and work are exemplary. She has won awards for her work as a data scientist at Amazon and Google, and as a women empowerment community leader in Seattle. Click here to watch the session

11th June 2020

  1. The Future of E-Commerce & Mobility: A session with the key stakeholders and players in the local e-commerce market that are pushing the envelop on how the local market would look like in the future. The Panelists included Ahmed Rauf Essa – CEO Telemart, Raza Matin – CEO Brandverse, Mohsin Ali Qureshi – COO Cheetay, M Hassan Khan – CEO Trax. The session was moderated by Faizan Laghari – Chief Rnnr – Rnnr. Click here to watch the session
  2. Expanding your business to USA: A Session with Bernice Loman – Founder of Loman Creative Services USA & Therese W. Gamble – Startup Grind Jacksonville Chapter Director on how to Expand Your Business to USA and connect businesses, professionals, countries and currencies. Click here to watch the session
  3. Smashing it! by Epiphany: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Wardah Inam – CEO of Overjet, a dental startup using AI to help dental organizations improve patient care that raised $7.85M. Prior to founding Overjet, she led product management at Q bio, a silicon valley based biomedical imaging startup. Click here to watch the session
  4. The Wandering Wasp: How a young woman traveled solo on a scooter through the freezing Karakorum: an interactive session with Juvena Huang as she unravels her adventures solo travelling on a scooter through Pakistan at a time when tourism was really underdeveloped (2015). Click here to watch the session
  5. Epiphany Talks – Gaming Industry in Pakistan: A session with Abbas Saleem, Babar Ahmed, Mahum Khan, Ammar Zaeem & Samar Hasan on the Gaming Industry in Pakistan. Click here to watch the session
  6. Fireside Chat w/ Sahar Arshad: A session with the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of CloudMedx, an AI company that is personalizing healthcare delivery. CloudMedx works with some of the top health systems and leading payers in the U.S. The company has won many awards in the space including GITEX 2019. Click here to watch the session

10th June 2020

  1. Importance of User Experience In Product Development:  Ali Rehman Khan in conversation with Usman Naeem discussing the importance of UX. Usman is a growth-oriented UX designer whose career has involved growth hacking & product management as well. Click here to watch the session
  2. How to open US Bank Account and PayPal from Pakistan:  Arzish Azam explains the process of company incorporation in US, opening a bank account and PayPal account using  Ejad Plus.
  3. PR for Startups and Small Businesses: Rabia Moghees discusses the importance of establishing relations, networks and connections for Startups & Small Businesses. Click here to watch the session
  4. COLABS Talks | How HealthTech will change Healthcare in Pakistan: A session with Hamza Iqbal, Hyder Mumtaz, Zubair Naeem Paracha, Dr.Sara Saeed, Dr.Rabia T Khan and Dr.Zaeem Zia on the change of the healthcare sector with the help of tech startups & entrepreneurs. Click here to watch the session
  5. Moving Forward with Clean-Tech (Session 1) – Agri-Tech: This session takes a closer look at the ‘Recovery Plan’ on the topics that have an impact on local, regional, national, international, and even global scales on agriculture. Click here to watch the session

9th June 2020

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