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Seven Point Success Formula Of Shadi Box.com | Startup Stories

“Building your idea into a business is not very tough, anyone can do it.”

Talha Rehman

Four months ago, a young man holding his dream of starting his own company went to LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship with a business idea; an online wedding  marketplace. His idea got selected as top ten ideas. Hundreds of applications went to private incubators in LUMS, and this was one of the ideas that got incubated. Today the business is on its way to success and hundreds of people are reaching to it. Talha Rehman is the Founder and CEO of ShadiBox.com.

What is Shadi Box?

ShadiBox aspires to be the largest and most reliable online marketplace connecting vendors with engaged couples and wedding planners. After only four months of its foundation, ShadiBox has engaged almost 100 vendors so far on its web. Talha Rehman is an inspiration for our local entrepreneurs and students who intend to start their own business. Behind every successful idea, there is an inspiration, Talha also had a motivation and driving force and led him to the creation of his company.

“I read somewhere that necessity is the mother of all inventions. When my beloved sister was getting married I had to face all the horrors to get everything catered on “ASAP” basis. Everything was upside down for me as planning and executing for a personal function was not as easy as I thought. This was so exhausting and time consuming, when I searched online for solutions, there was no smart way of doing it. The event was a success and my sister became a happily wedded wife. But the efforts and pain I had to go through to make the event great is another story.”

“At that time, I pledged to myself that I shall provide a platform to ease the pain and make wedding preps as easy as possible for all.”

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“Job: ‘to do or not to do’ was a million dollar question pounding my head like a pendulum in a clock.” Talha talked to us about his own idea and the driving force behind it. Talha further added while telling the difficulties he had to face while carrying on with the idea. “A lot of issues were faced in terms of friendships ties, relationship, negotiations, selling the idea, convincing and business management in this new field, weak finances, etc. as were burned out most of our savings but we carried on, we bootstrapped.”

Journey Through Rough Waters

Me and my co-founder Umer Bashir aka UB stick together in thick and thin and motivated each other when people were not willing to listen to us, make fun of the business model we presented, thought of this idea to be that of a little kid trying to sell his imagination. A lot of negative feedback and resistance from all angles barged on us, but we kept holding on to dream, our passion, our mission and vision.” For Talha, making this business a success was the only job he wanted to devote himself into at the time.

Success Formula That Worked

To become a successful entrepreneur, he follows a set of rules which are also the wallpaper of his mobile phone:

  1. Show commitment to the work.
  2. Focus on what you want to do and have your goal settings
  3. Persuasion of self and others
  4. Networking for a better feedback and linkage
  5. Persistence, not to be afraid to get up and do it again
  6. Independent and Self-reliant.
  7. Be Efficient and value quality

Talha is very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He sees the country growing with its people standing on their own feet, creating opportunities for themselves and others rather relying on others. Our future is with Pakistan. It is in our land and our breeding ground. A lot of young people are returning to Pakistan to either run their own businesses or for jobs. This platform is full of resources of all kind and the best is the young and energetic human capital this country has to offer. For instance, a land of more than 200 m people, if someone just starts selling needles to one person, he / she would become a millionaire in no time.”

“I see a new startup nation arising on the face of the map. For us, the future is bright”

– Talha Rehman

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