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Kidlr: Keep Your Kids’ Memories Alive Forever- Startup Stories

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#b11016″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]B[/mks_dropcap]eing a parent don’t you wish you could save each and every moment of your little one?  The moment your child first talked, the moment he first walked are some of the most cherish able moments that all of us would like to live over and over again. But going back in the past is not an option! What if someone could show you these moments? Wouldn’t that make your day? Kidlr, is allowing every parent to save their children’s memories, [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”] Kidlr is a digital ticket to save all your kids life (pictures, videos, medical history, school records, birthday partie and other events)  at one place.[/mks_highlight] Kidlr is a modern and refined version of a kids photodiary that the parents use to keep in the past to save the pictures and important dates of their children.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”19″ bg_color=”#1c63bf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Kidlr provides a one click solution to save precious memories and data of your kids.[/mks_pullquote][mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]Saad Farooq and Fahad Farooq[/mks_highlight] are co-founders at Kidlr.  Saad owns a software house called ‘Put IT Out’ since nine years. ‘Put IT Out’ has worked on over 350 projects and is based in UK and Lahore. Kidlr is one of the products by Put IT Out Pakistan.

Saad talked with Here’s what Saad shared about Kidlr:

Q: What is your vision behind Kidlr and how did you conceive this idea?

A: Today, children from a very young age of 7 or 8 years have various social media accounts e.g. Facebook or Instagram. They are in a constant process of uploading their pictures which makes their accounts a virtual bank of lifetime memories in the form of pictures and videos. But there is a vacuum in their timelines which fails to give them memories before a certain age. Like the moments when they were born, their slurred speech with their grandparents, first bike ride etc.

Childhood is a golden era, no matter how many pictures our parents take, very few reach us at the time of adulthood because it’s very hard to keep a backup or store them on hard drive.

I have two small daughters and I want to save each and every moment of their childhood. Kidlr helps its users achieve this task of preserving lifetime memories. It helps the parents save every precious moment of their kid’s life via a single click. [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]The parents can then present a virtual gift of these memories to their kids when they grow up.[/mks_highlight]We have been working on Kidlr for the past 10 months and have launched the IPhone app of Kidlr last week.

Q: We have seen apps crashing and shutting down but Kidlr claims to keep kids memories alive forever. What backup do you use which can guarantee that the app would never lose its data?

A: All the data is saved on a secure cloud server. Our tech team has secured the app against cross-scripting and SSS attacks.  Its our highest priority to keep it secure from all public eyes. Parents can still share pictures and videos with their family and friends if they want to.

Q: What’s the storage space of your app and approximately how many pictures and videos can it store?

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”19″ bg_color=”#1c63bf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Kidlr gained 250 users within the first week of the launch of its IPhone app. [/mks_pullquote]A: [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]We are providing 2GB free space for all users[/mks_highlight] and then there is a small charge for additional space. We do not want to restrict user to a limited storage.

Q: Is your target market limited to Pakistan only?

A: Not at all, it’s a global app. Our app is one of its kinds, so we are targeting it all over the world.

Q: What’s your marketing strategy?

A: We are launching first in Pakistan and then exploring the rest of the world.  Our marketing strategy is to publish about Kidlr in different parents and kids magazines. Our blog and social media pages would also be up within a few weeks.

Q: Is it a paid app? What is your revenue model?

A: [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]Its not a paid app.[/mks_highlight] Our revenue comes from Vaccine delivery in Pakistan and cloud storage packages for the app.

Q: Please explain what kind of data can be saved on Kidlr?

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”180″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#1c63bf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Kidlr also provides scheduled vaccination.[/mks_pullquote]A: The app provides categories to its users for saving data. Besides pictures and videos, [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]parents can also save medical records of their children.[/mks_highlight] As we know, the first few years of a kid’s life involves a lot of visits to the hospitals for vaccination and other minor/major health problems. So, at Kidlr the parents can save vaccination history, doctor’s appointment and hospital visit details.

Q: Specifically talking about scheduled vaccinations, what expertise does your team has for safe and credible vaccination?

A: We are in partnership with Sehat by Fazal Din Pharmacies for this purpose. They have been working in this field since last 60 years.

Q: Is ‘Put IT Out’ Pakistan solely focusing on Kidlr?

A: No, we have a separate team dedicated for Kidlr. Kidlr has a team of 10 members who are working as Developers, designers, marketers, content writers, Operation and QA managers.

Team Kidlr

Team Kidlr

Q: How do you see Kidlr evolving in future?

A: Right now Kidlr is launched as a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) but definitely with the passage of time we will introduce new features like the app will send you birthday and event reminders, it will notify you that your kids vaccination is due. Other features will be added according to customers demands.  In the next few years, I see Kidlr running parallel to other social media platforms like Facebook.

Q: Can the parents share their children’s images and talk to other parents via Kidlr, how is it different from the present social networking websites?

A: On Facebook you can see each other’s profile but at Kidlr it’s a completely private forum. The parents can use the app without having privacy concerns. But we do provide a sharing feature; [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]if a user wants to share their kid’s pictures through Kidlr they can invite their relatives and friends to join Kidlr and then share easily.[/mks_highlight]

Q: What are the short term goals regarding Kidlr?

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”22″ bg_color=”#1c63bf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]In the next couple of months Kidlr we will be launching a Kidlr Kid’s store so that parents needs can be met in a single place whether it’s digital or physical.[/mks_pullquote]A: The short term goal is to launch the android app and web version in the coming weeks to reach out to more customers both in Pakistan and other countries. We also want to partner up with major vaccination suppliers in both Private and public sector to promote kids health and vaccination programs.


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