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How To Create A Pitch Deck That Will Stand Out & Roar The Loudest?

If you are a budding entrepreneur, deck is your lifeline.

Without it, you can’t survive. Here are the five magical Ds that would make your deck a star at the next presentation, so are you ready for a standing ovation?

Pitch decks are short presentations which are quick to give, usually under 3 minutes, has an overview of your business plan, and are usually meant for showing to (potential) investors, partners, and clients.

They are like a mouth piece of content for any startup, but can also be important for virtually any established company that needs or wants to communicate its products, solutions, and unique selling points to some stakeholders either to launch, develop, or scale their businesses.

Having said this, remember a pitch deck’s ideal purpose is it convince and convert and so should be easy to digest, designed simply, and cover all the points.

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1. Design

How many times have you made a PowerPoint presentation using default themes? For starters that is a big No! The secret to designing an amazing deck is to let your creativity flow even if you are not an artist. Coming up with original ideas about colour combinations, writing style, background of your slides would keep your listeners hooked.

Second most important thing that would do wonders is the use of pictures that matches your ideology and perception. But what you need to realize that there is a fine line between artsy photographs and stock artistic, cheesy pictures.  Select a high quality image with strong visual statement.


While deciding the content of your deck, remember to be clear and precise. Using vocabulary is impressive but it can sometimes be off putting as the message will not be clear. Moreover, use words that leave an impact such as when writing, ‘’in the last five years we’ve planted thirty million trees, that’s the equivalent of 60 Central Parks in New York City.’’ These four words ‘that’s the equivalent of’ are the best words to bring numbers to life.

3. Data

So you are pitching great ideas to your sponsors, your presentation skills are amazing but what is that one thing that would help you seal the deal? That is statistics. Statistics are supporting evidence of where you stand, how far you have come and how much you have done. But listening to a bunch of random numbers can stimulate yawn in your audience, hence, it is important for you to interpret them so your audience can understand it well.

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Now your weapon is ready and loaded but the question arises how to use it? Remember few basic steps can make a huge difference. Start off with working on the way you walk, before you even utter a single word people already start judging you. Secondly, learn how to make eye contact and plan your talk. Moreover, don’t just make your presentation a heard of words, give your audience something to remember you by i.e. include a star moment that drives home your main point.


Failing to answer the questions of your prospective clients is probably every manager’s nightmare, which is why it is important to research every aspect of your presentation and to expect the unexpected. Before going out there, know the people you are dealing with, the stance of their company and what they want, include all these details in your presentation to make it look smart and well-rehearsed.

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With the right element of content and good amount of design and visuals, your pitch deck can stand out and roar the loudest in the competition.

Bonus tip:

If you go beyond the traditional PowerPoint, making your deck responsive, visually stunning, easy to share and personalized, you’ll stand out and get the attention you’re after plus leave a good lasting impression!

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