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Plan9 is Accepting Applications for Launchpad12

What is The Launchpad?

The Launchpad is Plan9’s flagship semi-annual event, Punjab Information Technology Board’s Tech Incubator allow nationwide applications for tech startups idea. It allows six months long incubation at Plan9 and it’s a chance of a life time.

As with all things, Plan 9 has always tried to outdo itself when it comes to the Launchpad and with the beginning of Launchpad 12 that remains true as ever. We are now introducing Faisalabad as our station for Launchpad. Moreover, it is open for nationwide candidates, who meets the eligibility criteria*.

Today, the Launchpad receives over three thousand applications out of which 130 are selected to compete for the 15 final spots of incubation at Plan9. Needless to say, the competition is tough and gets tougher every year as more and more Pakistanis become aware of the opportunity to get their startup off the ground. Moreover, the judges vary from local to foreign investors and globally renowned tech companies that have partnered with Plan 9.

Eligibility Criteria

Plan9 is a nationwide initiative and teams from all over Pakistan are called to participate. On selection, the team have to re-locate to Lahore for 6 months.
 Be a Pakistani National.
Required age is 18 years of age or above.
 One applicant cannot apply for more than one idea.
 Business idea should be based on any technology category mentioned below.
 Present a mock-up/wire-frame/prototype of the product.
 Startup can have a strong, enthusiastic and skilled team of up to 5 members. Having a Chief Executive Officer and a qualified Chief Technical Officer is mandatory.
 Mandatory attendance from 10am -6pm for six months incubation at Plan9. Office space will open 24/7.
 No minimum qualification requirement – just a brilliant idea and passion.​

Please Note:
 Plan9 is an equal opportunity platform.
 Startups and/or founders who are incubated in Cycle 10 do not qualify for Cycle 11. However, they can apply for the next cycle(s).
 One founder can only apply with ONE idea/product/startup.

To Apply: Click Here

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