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Khurram Jamali’s Journey To Awesomeness

Pakistan is a country gifted with innovative minds. It houses young entrepreneurs and professionals like Khurram Jamali. He had his fair share of entrepreneurial trait that made him lead the emerging south Asian performance team at Google. He is also the developer of Urdu language learning apps for teens.

De novo!

‘Entrepreneurs are born not made’, Khurram Jamali born in a middle class family of Karachi, Pakistan completely disagreed to this statement. Jamali’s parents gave him the best possible early education they could, in their budget but since his childhood Jamali dreamed of getting education from abroad but he had realization that his parents cannot afford the expenses of his dream. Despite of being discouraged by this he remained optimistic and protected his dream by working hard, in his words:

“I was sure and certain that I was going to make that happen”

 – Jamali

Be a pine on mountain or a shrub in a valley but Be” these intellectual words empowered him with the desire of making a difference.  His passion and enthusiasm bore fruits and he was awarded with prestigious US scholarship; he ended up in MiddleBury College US.

From early youth years Jamali had a heart of a patriot he says that for him his true lord has been Pakistan, he also had a strong connection with Iqbal’s poetry, when he read verses from Bang e Dara:

Allama Iqbal, Startup Dot Pk, Pakistani Startups, Entrepreneurship

We poor Easterners have been entangled in the West

All crystal decanters are there, only an old earthen jar is here

All will be annihilated in this age except the one,

Who established in his ways and firm in his thought is

It further strengthened his patriotic spirit and helped him define his goal. Most of Pakistani students who pursue their degrees abroad and never comeback unlike them Khurram Jamali’s goal was to do something extraordinary for the country.

Early Years

He studied computer sciences and economics abroad, throughout his study years he was a diligent student, he effectively utilized his time for example once despite of coming back home in summer vacations, he opted taking a Chinese language learning course (even at this point his focus was Pakistan). Slowly and gradually the years passed. After graduation, in order to gain some experience he joined a consulting firm but still he stuck to his goal and joined an NGO as well which was working for the development of Pakistan.

Rejections And Resilience

Jamali was always open to opportunities after graduation when his batch mates were planning MBAs he decided going to China in order to practice what he learned in Chinese Language Classes, He applied for job there but he was rejected. Resilience and persistence is an important trait of an entrepreneur Khurram Jamali who had a clear idea of this didn’t lose heart.

It was a fantastic experience’ as it helped him talk to people about Pakistan. Back home, he laid a humble career start from an investment banks’ finance department that helped him polish his skills and expand his favour bank. During this time he convinced the CEO to setup an MNA desk at Beijing. For 5 years he managed that MNA desk, for him ‘It was a fantastic experience’ as it helped him talk to people about Pakistan.

By this time he had a child who was learning Chinese very well but the question struck Jamali’s mind ‘What about Urdu?’ then innovative and creative Khurram Jamali recognized the opportunity gap and developed an app to teach youngsters Urdu language.

Meanwhile he started an MBA degree in Singapore (despite of financial constraints), simultaneously he applied to 60 different places for internship, he wasn’t accepted by any of these but entrepreneurs don’t fear failure he kept on looking for opportunities.

Fortunately, He approached a man who launched an Ecommerce venture by the name of NOVA founders in Malaysia. He was accepted there he gave his best and helped that organization launch two companies.

Getting into Google

Khurram Jamali kept on looking for opportunities but in the end opportunity seek him, due his high caliber and exceptional potential he was signed by Google. From this very point, he was on the roller coaster ride of sheer success.

Now, Khurram Jamali is the representative of Emerging South Asian Team in Google and he also developed many Urdu language learning apps for youngsters, and still has big dreams to be full filled. With his passion, He persuaded Google team to take a trip to Pakistan. It were the results of his efforts that after the trip the team head said:

“Pakistan is the Hidden Gem”

Now Google is soon going to have a fully staffed team looking only at Pakistan. Khurram credits Tanya for this feat who stood alongside him and made this happen.

Khurram Jamali has in him, the essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Optimism, vision, innovation, initiative, persistence, risk tolerance, resilience, focus, ambiguity tolerance and opportunity gap recognition are the traits imbued in his personality which made him achieve his goals. He agreed to and acted upon a Chinese proverb.

“All you need is the depth of Kung Fu (harbinger of focus and commitment) for success.”

– Khurram

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