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5 Ways On How To Come Up With A Winner Business Idea!

Do you aspire to build a startup and be known as one of the most successful entrepreneur of your times?


That’s a fine goal to have but the key to achieving that goal is to have a Winner business idea first. What I need you to understand is that there are many people out there who have the exact same dream that you have. Chances are they might have already lived that dream of yours or might be living it now. What this means for you is that you need to be different.


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You need to come up with a business idea that is super unique and fresh. An idea that hasn’t been launched in to the market yet. An idea that can change lives for many years to come and can make this world a better place to live in. Here are some tips to help you get started and find you your own way:

1.Focus on the future:

The most successful startups are the ones that predict the future. They’re ahead of the curve, and they give people things that will improve upon current technology. A good example of this would be Amazon’s Alexa, which makes the use of current media technologies, easier and more fun to use. So, take a look at all of the products and services that are big now and think about how you could make them even better in the future and you’ll likely hit upon that one big idea that changes everything.

2.Fix a problem:

Is there something in the society that troubles you? Something that bothers you but you haven’t come up with a solution to that problem yet? Take the action and find that solution. It’s highly possible that whatever bugs you is being experienced by half of the population as well. And that could be enough to give you a successful business idea.

3.Go for a new niche:

Entering in to a common niche that is already pretty saturated wouldn’t sound like a good idea. Because it would take years to mark a position in to the market. It is advisable to find a new niche of your own. Build a product that is unusual something that has never been built before. It might sound a lot but if you can manage to build something like that you will more easily stand out and this could pave the way for your future fortune.but selling your paintings is giving you a tough time, why not turn your hand to creating digital comics


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4.Innovate in a “Tired” market:

Why do you think that DSLR’s got famous? They innovated the regular camera and turned it into a digital camera and made it big. Making a simple change in to a common product can make you earn millions


5.Use your skills in a new way:

Make a list of all the skills you have and think about how they could be applied to a different field than the one you currently use them for. If you’re a great artist, but selling your paintings is giving you a tough time, why not turn your hand to creating digital comics or offering a book cover creation service? Do something different, and you could reap the rewards.



Having said this, a “killer” business idea doesn’t always have to be something new or unique, it can also be to take an existing idea and do it in a creative and innovative way. So, don’t restrict yourself and just do it!


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