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About Design for Pakistan

Design for Pakistan (DFP) is a network of innovators using design thinking skills for local social impact. Developed by a faculty member and her students, DFP  shapes the next generation of social innovators.

The DFP experience begins with a campus DFP studio where students act on their commitment to design for social good. They are joined by faculty and staff mentors who share the belief that education happens 24/7, that the college experience extends well beyond the classroom, and that real-world collaboration enhances learning, community and the university alike. The DFP Alumni + Friends Network includes alumni + professionals spanning a diversity of industries and functions.

In 2018, DFP was honored with a National Design Award from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in recognition of “excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.” In 2020, DFP joined with the Pakistan Foundation.

Support DFP

Give the gift of gratitude. Donate to DFP to support:

  • National Partnerships: DFP students collaborating with industry innovators
  • DFP Curriculum: advancing and refining DFP’s award-winning design thinking process
  • Student Advisory Groups: listening to and learning from the DFP community
  • Community Capstone events: bringing students, alumni, mentors, coaches and participants together for project share-outs and celebrations
  • Studio Launches: bringing social impact design studios to new campuses and communities

Get Involved with the Network


Whether you’re a faculty member, alumni, or student, we’d love to collaborate with you to bring social impact design to your college or university. Email us at info@startup.pkwith a brief statement of why you are interested in DFP. We’ll get back to you shortly to learn more about you and set up an infosession.

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