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December 15, 2021 Events

Tamman Farms: Reestablishing Organic Honey in Pakistan

Tamman Farms claims to produce 100% organic honey on the ancestral lands of the founders in District Chakwal. Ayma, one of the founders of the startup, completed her education in design. But after completing her studies from Australia, she wanted to explore the honey business since she had access to her ancestral lands which she knew she could utilize for apiculture.

December 2, 2021 Events

BookMySpot: Bringing the Beauty and Wellness Industry Online

Although beauty salons in Pakistan have a prominent presence on social media driving their massive sales, the bookings’ section is not systemized. BookMySpot helps the users to book their appointments and receive a confirmation allowing them to visit the salon on the appointed time. The platform also offers various discounts and packages for customers who book services through their app.

November 18, 2021 Events

Crickistan: Athlete Management System for Cricket

Crickistan is an AMS (Athlete Management System) that works for both cricket players as well as cricket management organizations. For players currently it’s a web platform and a mobile application. It is a data management tool which stores psychological, medical and fitness data of the players and calculates how they are progressing over the period of time.