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ProperGaanda & Mauqa Online: Success Stories of Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19 #Top25


After assessing the media industry in Pakistan, the ProperGaanda team got tired of the way content was being curated and consumed. The founding team including a marketer, a dentist and a creative junkie got together and challenged themselves to change it. Their content strategy is simple: they don’t run away from issues other people are afraid to talk about! They want their audience to be aware and informed. They produce written and visual content based on politics, entertainment and satire on a daily basis with an aim to highlight a more progressive and positive side of Pakistan, while still being critical when the need arises.

They launched their website in August 2017 and since then they have been mentioned in The New York Times and interviewed by Pakistan Today. They are currently incubated at Pakistan Board of Information Technology’s tech incubator,Plan9. They are currently competing in the digital media space where competition is tough. Websites such as Mangobaaz, TechJuice or ProPakistani are just a few of the household names we have in Pakistan. But that’s not all they want to be.

The ProperGaanda team wants to build a community that promotes young talent (and not only online). They have been hosting Open MicsStand-Up Comedy NightsMusical Evenings and Talks by motivational speakers since the past year – creating an on ground presence and fostering a safe space for individuals to hone and showcase their talents.

The Pakistan Startup Cup gave the ProperGaanda team a chance to present themselves and their idea in front of mentors and experts from the startup ecosystem. It was a great opportunity for them to refine their business plan and use the constructive criticism they received to better their startup. Their vision is one that sees them become Pakistan’s first digital media platform with a global presence and the Pakistan Startup Cup has elevated them into a position where the chances of their vision becoming a reality are much greater than before.

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Mauqa Online – Bringing the gig economy to Pakistan

The gig economy phenomenon is slowly but steadily spreading across the globe. Mauqa Online realized the potential in the Pakistani market for part-time workers. So they created Pakistan’s first ever platform for domestic workers to earn more income. Mauqa Online is meant to provide blue collar jobs to the underprivileged class by connecting them with the right customers. The initial was to use the information on the internet and enhance the intellectual capacity of those who require it the most. Through an outreach program they realized that money was a greater need. Since then they have served over 800 customers after pivoting their business model to focus on providing jobs.

They launched their website in 2017. Currently available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the service offers you to book a helper at your convenience at an affordable pricing rate by the hour. Necessary steps are taken in screening the employees and training them to practice professionalism in all their tasks, to ensure a safe and satisfactory customer experience. They provide on-demand house cleaning, babysitting, cooking and elderly care services from trained and verified helpers all at the tap of a button.

The Pakistan Startup Cup was a great opportunity for the Mauqa Online team to meet and converse with mentors from various fields. As a startup, mentor ship is essential for better understanding of growth opportunities. They received some great ideas and advice from mentors, and other startups that were present at the event. They believe that receiving different types of feedback and advice is really helpful for a startup that is looking to scale up. Since the road to success is long and full of changes, the discussions they had at the event were of great help to the team as they realized a few things that they previously had missed out on. The type of detailed feedback they received at the event was something they did not get anywhere else.

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