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Seed out – Islamic Crowdfunding Platform

Startup At A Glance

Genre : Crowdfunding Platform
Date Founded : Dec 7th 2013
Founder : Zain Ashraf
Startup Stage : Midstage

Digital Presence 

Pakistan faces poverty on an extensive level. A large number of people cry tears of anguish for basic necessities of life. Every night innumerable children sleep with empty stomachs, life is that unfair to them. People die of fatal diseases, because they do not have the money to afford medical care. It is an obvious truth that education is an unattainable luxury in such homes. Parents cry for fogged futures, children cry for broken dreams.

Charity Is No Solution

The problem cannot be simply eradicated. Charity is no solution. For how long would one give charity. One day or the other the charity is destined to end. A better solution is to create jobs and raising entrepreneurship possibilities for the impoverished people. Which in turn would ensure economic stability. A man, weaving a dream, to have his own small factory. A woman, planning to set up a small business in her home. Things are easier said than done. Few years ago, if a poor person hoped to have his own business, it was challenging to the point of impossibility. Micro-financing was somewhat non existential.

As every night sees the dawn of the new day, Pakistan’s micro-finance saw Seed out as the dawn for its new day.

It came to the rescue of under privileged entrepreneurs in 2013, launched in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 7th. Seed out was initiated by a young Entrepreneur, Zain Ashraf.

Seed out Is Born

Seed out is World’s first Islamic crowdfunding website, it provides a platform for people to choose a person, they want to donate to, and give them donations, zakat, or Sadkah. It is a registered non-profit organization. Now, this guy does not go around giving money. He came up with this brilliant idea of crowd funding to alleviate poverty in Pakistan and give boost to microfinancing. Crowdfunding is a simple procedure, anybody from any part of the world can donate.

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The best part is, that Seed out is not just a medium for these poor struggles to get money. Seed out also provide guidance to these people. They do not just give them the hard cash and step back. They start the business, and as it starts running smoothly, they hand it over to the person the donor chose.

 We Are Looking For Startup Founders?

We help Startup Founders by equipping them with skills, resources and connections
which help them in scaling their ideas.

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