Publish Date:
September 10, 2018

Badgify, an Islamabad-based ecommerce business, was founded in 2017 by two female entrepreneurs Skena Ali and Ayesha Rehman. In its initial stages, Badgify is one of the many small ecommerce businesses set up which deliver badges, among other customized stationary products, to customers all around Pakistan; however, Badgify has aimed to differentiate itself from its multitude of competitors by providing its valued customers with customized and standard design badges of superior quality and reasonable prices, to reflect the individuality and personality of the customer. In addition to that, team at Badgify facilitates its customers by individually designing unique designs.

Badgify provides customers with the option to choose from already designed badges or to send in their own customized images which they feel depicts or reflects most accurately their personality or varied set of preferences, which are unique and exclusive to each particular individual. Badgify aims to satisfy each individual customer by providing exceptional customer service.

Moreover, Badgify has also recently collaborated with a few Pakistan-based artists to showcase their designs through our products. Badgify believes that local talented artists should be provided with adequate and effective avenues to allow them to exhibit their artwork to a larger audience.

Lastly, Badgify makes a deliberate and conscious effort to solely rely on Pakistani vendors/suppliers to develop the product(s) it sells. Through such an endeavor, Badgify hopes to promote the local economy in any little it can.

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