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Options For Budding Entrepreneurs In Pakistan For Acquiring Seed Money

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We present you the opportunity to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn The Rules To Build A Successful Startup In Pakistani Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

We had the privilege of having an in-depth conversation with TiE’s Executive Director, Mr. Murtaza Zaidi who shared some knowledge regarding financial resources for aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Murtaza Zaidi, Founder of Cyber Vision International is a seasoned entrepreneur and a remarkable advisor of enterprise development. He has established WECREATE, a women’s entrepreneurship development incubation/co-working space as well as leads the National Startup Cup, an entrepreneurship development and competition program. He played a significant role in launching the TiE Islamabad Angel fund; one of the very first Angel Fund in the country of its kind to invest in Startup companies.

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Murtaza Zaidi on Options for Budding Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

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