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Nano IT Solutions: A New Reality is the New Normal?

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Virtual Reality [VR] is becoming popular day by day around the world with nearly every tech giant in the industry creating their own equipment, simulators, and headsets. While VR is changing the way people experience digital products, the technology is still inaccessible to the masses due to high prices of VR headsets and the computer systems that accompany them.

In Pakistan, Nano IT Solutions, a Startup from Peshawar incubated at National Incubation Center Peshawar is developing and providing immersive human experiences with its own Simulators and Headsets.

Nano IT Solutions also holds the title of Pakistan Best Startup by winning the Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19 organized by The Indus Entrepreneurs Islamabad.

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Nano IT Solutions | It’s time for a new reality.

Before that, Nano IT Solutions unveiled their first Car Simulator prototype in Digital Youth Summit 2017 organized jointly by the World Bank and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In that event, Nano IT Solutions received the best research award.

Nano IT Solutions creates immersive human experiences and is the first in Pakistan to develop indigenous electro-mechanical motion platforms integrated with virtual reality accessories and software in such a way that almost real like digital immersive experiences are created.

Whether it is driving a car or flying an aircraft, you will almost find yourself driving/flying a real vehicle with motions and G-Forces. Nano IT Solutions have made their platforms compatible with most renowned international games/simulators such as, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Need for Speed Shift 2, Digital Combat Simulator, etc.

Products of Nano It Solutions

Nano It Solutions have developed:

  1. 3-Screen Car Simulator
  2. Children Car Simulator
  3. Virtual Reality(VR) Car Simulator
  4. Flight Simulator
  5. Virtual Reality(VR) Motion Ride

Car simulator is an electro-mechanical motion based platform in conjunction with 900 degrees steering wheel with force feedback, pedals and H-pattern shifter (Logitech G-29). The motion platform responds in real-time with the activities performed by the player. These motions are re-adjusted almost 100 samples per second which delivers very realistic car driving experience.

3-Screen Car Simulator:  Its chassis is crafted from ergonomically designed round steel pipes. It is Compact and lightweight. Three 42 inch curved displays are installed to create almost 110 degrees Field of view in front of the player. It is the most addictive racing simulator.

Children Car Simulator: It is a compact simulator that can be easily driven by children below 6 years of age with three screens to create wide field of view gameplay. Children can be very easily trained to drive a real car with this simulator.

VR Simulator: The VR Simulator delivers the most realistic car driving experience by adding VR Headset with the Motion platform. The result is so intense that the player will almost forget that he/she is driving a digital simulator and not a physical car.  The player can move his/her head around in the cabin, see in the rear view mirrors, look at the real performing gauges and many more.

Flight simulator is also based on motion platform in conjunction with almost real flight stick and throttle.  You can play dogfight missions flying aircrafts in world war 2 while maneuvering the aircraft in the deadliest terrains.

VR Motion Ride is one of a unique and educational product of Nano IT Solutions. It just can’t only be used for entertainment but also delivers educational and tourism experiences. VR Motion Ride integrates and delivers motions, vibrations, breezes and 360 content in such a way that player almost find him/herself teleported to another real or fantasy based world. The VR Motion Ride will have local tourism experiences and tour guides which enlighten you in an entertaining way about Pakistan’s best tourism spots and will urge you to pay a visit to these impeccable places. It also has international tourism experiences like Angel Falls, China Walls, Buckingham Palace etc. and dozens of other thrilling and entertaining experiences like paragliding, eagle flight, horror, roller coaster, fantasy rides, rally driving etc.

Along with the above 5 Products Nano IT Solutions is also promoting tourism in Pakistan with their virtual rides. They have created an architecture which will digitizes real tourism spots and then transform the data into Virtual Tour Rides. These rides then delivers almost real feeling of those spots to the user. These can also be used as Virtual Tour guides for the tourists and enlighten tourists in a very immersive way. They have also created a Tour Guide Ride in Malam Jabba Swat.

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Virtual Reality in Peshawar

Nano It Solutions have setup an edutainment arcade in Peshawar that displays all of their products. The Virtual Reality and Simulators Arcade named VR-Here in Peshawar is based on their indigenously developed products back in January 2018. This is the first Arcade of its kind in Pakistan which provides education, entertainment and tourism experiences under one roof. Five of their products are performing resiliently in this commercial entertainment arcade with almost no down time. They have also blended five other AR/VR experiences despite of their own developed products to create a rich entertainment experience.

By knowing the fact of setting up way ahead technology in Pakistan and specially in KP, Nano It Solutions believe in setting up new trends and enlightening the upcoming youth about this cutting edge technology while inspiring them for seeking careers in such echo systems.

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