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Networking: Making The Right Connections!

To reach our full potential we need to create meaningful connections with a much broader palette of folks who see things differently than we do, ask very different questions, imagine very different possibilities, and challenge us to rethink the way we do the things that matter most.”    -Alan Gregerman

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#b11016″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]E[/mks_dropcap]ntrepreneurship is not just the name given to starting your own business or even to the process of bringing innovation. Entrepreneurship in its real essence is a lifestyle and as such it involves everything that you do differently from your daily routine to the type of people that you interact with in and out of your social circle. Some people are born into the right families with deep connections and widespread influence while others make their mark in the entrepreneurial world by the work that they do. It is well known that society always respects self-made entrepreneurs much more than the privileged ones.

It has been clearly established that in order to succeed you have to build the right connections. But what are the qualities that set apart normal people from those that you are looking for? The connections you are looking to make do not involve affiliating yourself with any spy agency or top secret government organization; rather [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]you just need to broaden your vision and simply extend your circle beyond the social walls that you have confined yourself to.[/mks_highlight] Remember, an entrepreneur never hesitates and always has a passion for taking new risks so dive into the new world that awaits. The tips and markers mentioned in this article will help you narrow down your search for the right connections.[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]

The Visionaries

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]These are the key people to have by your side during your venture. Visionaries are the people that can predict the course of your career and even identify the causes of your failure even before you have begun the venture. In order to be successful, criticism and advice from Visionaries can really help set you on the right track. [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]You will know a Visionary when you meet one as they do not talk in the present and are more concerned with the future.[/mks_highlight] Having a deep insight into your venture will definitely help you create a much broader impact in the entrepreneurial world. So go find a Visionary to connect with and feel the difference.[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]

The Innovators

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]They are the people with specialized knowledge and they regularly do the most difficult thing in the world: physically create something from nothing. Now you might be thinking that you have already brought an innovation into the market by starting your venture but you will be surprised to find out about people that have been doing the same thing as you in a much better way for years. These are the connections you must seek out as they do not display themselves openly and are hard to coerce and reason with at times. However,[mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]whenever you have technical issues or run out of ideas for your business, these are the people that will help you [/mks_highlight]and through their brilliant ideas you can keep your venture running smooth.[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]

The Wordsmiths

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]In order to spread your idea into the business world you will need people at your side that can communicate effectively. [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]Wordsmiths are one of the most important connections that you need to make.[/mks_highlight] Like every warrior needs a good sword smith, you will need people who can write and speak for you in the best way possible. These people can be writers, authors, bloggers or even journalists and the more varied your choice the more options you will have when the need for wordplay arises.[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]

The Connectors

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]In order to make new connections you could go on searching every nook and cranny and hope to find the right people or you could make the smart move and join hands with the connectors. [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]These are the people who are embedded deep into the structure of the society and know its inner workings.[/mks_highlight] They also know the qualities and flaws of most people in the business circle. Therefore when you are selecting the connections to make, these are the people that will help you make the right choice.[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]

The Mentors

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”5″]Needless to say, these are the people you will always want by your side and they are the ones who will motivate, encourage and even criticize you when needed in order to see you succeed. However, [mks_highlight color=”#ce672b”]not every successful entrepreneur can become your mentor so choose wisely[/mks_highlight]. Your real mentor is the person who shows no interest in financial gains or monetary benefits but sincerely wants to help you progress in your venture. Standing on the shoulders of a worthy and wise mentor is the most important thing you can do to help your business thrive.

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