Islamabad’s Top 12 Business Model Scorecard Session | Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19

Business Model Scorecard Session


Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19’s Business Model Scorecard Session was held on 27th February 2019 at the WeCreate Centre, Islamabad. In this session the top 12 participants from Islamabad took part that were previously shortlisted among the Top 25 startups’ pitching session.

In this session the participants displayed their Business Model Scorecards in front of the mentors who further evaluated their scorecards to take their business model to the next, more refined level. The mentors were top entrepreneurs with years of experience in their respective fields and their guidance and counseling really facilitated the Startups in developing their business models to the next level. One of the participants, Uzma Humayun, who is the founder of Plant Studio, says “Pakistan Startup Cup is a great platform for startups like us who really want to come forward and do something”. She further adds “Startup Cup has really encouraged me, and my skills as a beginner in this field have polished to a great extent.”

Islamabad’s Top 12 startups will then take part in the pitching session, and after that the Top 3 startups from Islamabad will be selected.



Following are the startups that took part in the Top 12 Business Model Scorecard Session:


It is a small cafe aims to break the communication barriers between Deaf and Hearing communities by promoting Sign Language.


Ethereal Designs

It provides a vast array of architectural designs. Based on clients’ needs and demands, they have an archive of residential and commercial buildings.




Plant Studio

It is a One-stop destination for innovative, exclusive, unique and up-cycled ideas to bring greens to your indoors.



It is a pair of smart glasses for the blind and visually challenged people to help them overcome the barriers of blindness through an audio feedback.


Stella technology 

It gives healthcare payers & providers access to meaningful data, such that informed clinical, administrative or financial decisions can be made at the right place, at the right time, in a fully collaborative and coordinated fashion


Deaf Tawk

It is an online platform aiming to provide sign language and its interpretation to the deaf community.



It enable cars to make money on the move by placing an ad on the car.



It is an online integrated wedding market place to search, compare and book a wide variety of pre-qualified vendors.


Mauqa Online

It is an online platform that connects customers with on-demand domestic help.



Hectric Solutions (HAS)



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