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4 Ways On How To Use Shopify To Grow Your Business

Whatever YOUR goal is,

Shopify has something for YOU.

If you’re looking to break into the E-commerce scene, there’s no better place to start than Shopify. This Canadian juggernaut is fast becoming the most popular E-commerce builder, currently serving over 800,000 businesses and generating millions in revenue. Shopify’s entrepreneur-friendly ethos, nuanced software and plethora of tools are perfect for everyone, from fledgling firms looking for a simple interface to established enterprises wanting to take it to the next level.

There’s much more to it than simple buy-and-sell, however. You might have an exciting product, considerable capital, and a visionary business plan, but in order to succeed on shopify, you need to be able to understand your market, sell yourself effectively, and be savvy about chasing avenues for growth.

Sounds intimidating?

Never fear! We at Startup.pk are here to help you navigate the tricky waters of e-commerce. Read on to find out exactly how you can unlock the full potential of your business on Shopify.

Let’s jump right in with the one weapon in your arsenal guaranteed to boost your numbers: Marketing. Being able to get your product to your target audience, and showcasing it enticingly is almost as important as actually having a unique product these days. Even if you have a Shopify store, you’ll find it hard to stand head and shoulders above the competition unless you come up with sound, creative strategies to attract new buyers and build interest. Fortunately, with Shopify you have a number of different tools at your disposal to help you with your marketing campaign.

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Social Media Linkages

Shopify makes it super easy for you to link your online store with all its social media channels. This means that, if you market your product through Facebook or Instagram, you can conveniently redirect interested buyers to your website where they can find more details and options.You can set up a Facebook Shop containing a catalog of your products. On Instagram, you can tag pictures of your product with a link to your shopify store. We suggest making your content as catchy and aesthetic as possible; the more traffic you get on social media, the more you’ll get on your Shopify store.


A couple of years ago, Shopify acquired Kit, a virtual employee that aids you in your marketing and advertising. The beauty of this artificial intelligence assistant is that it takes over menial tasks like constructing and posting ads to Facebook, managing discount codes, and sending acknowledgement emails, while freeing up your precious time for more pressing pursuits. It can even generate basic reports of your sales and marketing performance, thus making ‘strategizing’ a breeze.

The best thing about Kit?  It is completely free!

As a Shopify merchant, you can download Kit from Shopify’s app store and avail the basic services at no charge. Yes, you read correctly. Shopify has its own app store. Part of what makes Shopify so easy to use is that many of the more complicated functions of online selling are made simple through these apps. Programs like SEO optimization, shipping order tracking, graphics templates and more are available largely for free on the shopify app store. You can automate your production process incrementally; using these free tools to expedite your management process will cut costs and maximize revenue. It’s that simple!

Now it might seem that most of Shopify’s platform benefits only established businesses, but that’s not true at all. Even if you’re completely new to the game, Shopify can help.

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Shopify Academy

Shopify Academy is a part of the platform that contains online video courses on every aspect of e-commerce you can imagine, from building your brand to advertising to SEO training. When you become a merchant on Shopify, you get free access to an entire library of training resources from renowned names in the e-commerce world. There is something for everyone from beginners to pros, and all of it is tailored to teach you how to grow your online business. Wondering how to start out on Shopify? Want to expand your market reach through advertising? Shopify academy has experts sharing their advice on questions like these and more.

Shopify blog

In addition to the wide array of training material available on Shopify academy, there is a plethora of information, inspiration and explanation available in the form of Shopify Blog. Members of the Shopify team use this platform to tell the stories of those dreamers and doers who find success and innovation, or make valuable mistakes, through their Shopify ventures. You can learn first hand from those who have already been down this path before you the finer details of breaking even with your e-business.

Everything we’ve learnt so far can be summed up beautifully in one phrase: Shopify can scale. All the tools, tips, and tricks, the marketing aids and app store programmes, the learning materials and growth aids, ultimately allow you to cut your entire production process short and find the most cost effective method at each stage. E-commerce was never easier or more accessible.

If used right, Shopify can allow you to reach new audiences and maximize your business potential online.

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