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Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga Of Sehat Kahani Wins First Ever “The Elevate Prize” 2020

2020 started with a bang amidst the Corona Virus outbreak and still continues, enveloped in uncertainty as the second wave strikes. Nevertheless, exciting news about startups creating social impact and winning global competitions definitely lifts the dark clouds.

Sehat Kahani– The First Ever Recipient of The Elevate Prize 2020

Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, Chief Operation Officer [COO] and co-founder of Sehat Kahani wins a position in the top 20 Global startups’ list for The Elevate Prize Foundation by MIT Solve. Previously, Sehat Kahani’s Chief Executive Officer [CEO], Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram won the Rolex Award for Enterprise as Associate LAUREATE.

1,297 applicants, 119 countries and Top 20 Global

Finalists- Pakistan’s, Sehat Kahani bags the spot.

The Elevate Prize

The Elevate Prize Foundation was founded in 2019 by a businessman, philanthropist, and author Joseph Deitch as part of a movement to create social impact and elevate humanity on a global scale. The aim is to search for activists, creators and change-enablers who are working to solve the world’s problems. An amalgamation of prize winners, advisors, industry experts, partners and collaborators create a sole philanthropic social impact bond.

The Elevate Prize Foundation partnered with MIT Solve annually selects top 20 finalists who are given expert mentorship, extensive training, and exclusive resources to shape their social impact ideas. They compete for an award of $5 million which is only awarded to top 10 changemakers. The top 10 undergo a 2-year program with one-on-one interaction and exclusive access to top scholars and industry leaders to shape and scale their ideas.

The Elevate Prize Foundation Competition Details

For 2020, 1,297 applicants applied to The Elevate Prize award partnered with MIT Solve from 119 countries across the globe including, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, and Middle East and North Africa. They were screened and shortlisted by a panel of 21- judges including Chef Jose’ Andres, Maria Elena Slaina, and Yo-Yo Ma, with only top 20 startups as global finalists made the cut for the second round.

Sehat Kahani’s COO and Co-founder, Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga is representing Pakistan on this global platform as one of the top 20 competing for The Elevate Prize Award.

MIT Solve

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] initiated a program called Solve which is on a mission to solve world challenges and become a marketplace of sorts for tech-based startups that have a social impact innovation. Hence, becoming a platform for tech-based social entrepreneurs to get guidance, funding, and support from industry experts and advisors.

Doctorprenerus bringing doctor-brides back

in the workforce through social innovation ideas.

Sehat Kahani

2 female Doctorpreneurs, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram and Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga co-founded a health-tech social enterprise which engages a network of qualified female doctors to get back into the work force using technology and digitization. It is a startup that connects doctors with patients in remote areas of Pakistan by tele-medicine through nurse assisted e-Health clinics.


More about Sehat Kahani and the Rolex Awards

Top 20 Global Finalist List

S# Finalist Name Startup Name
1 Amanda Nguyen Rise Justice Labs
2 Brenda Palms Barber Sweet Beginnings
3 Brisa De Angulo & Parker Palmer A Breeze of Hope
4 Dr. Chad Bernstein Guitars Over Guns
5 Chetna Gala Sinha Mann Deshi Foundation
6 Christopher Turillo Medha
7 Dr. Dixon Chibands Friendship Bench Global
8 Erica Ford LIFE Camp
9 Fadi Daou Adyan Foundation
10 Faisal Saeed Al Mutar Ideas Beyond Borders
11 Felix Brooks-church Sanku
12 Frank Beadle de Palomo Mothers2mothers
13 Iffat Zafar Sehat Kahani
14 Koketso Moeti Amandla.mobi
15 Michelle Mendez Defending Vulnerable Populations Program
16 Salva Dut Water for South Sudan
17 Stephanie Benedetto Queen of Raw
18 Tashka Yawanawa Yawanawa Life Plan
19 Tresor Nzengu Mpauni Tumaini Letu
20 Trisha Prabhu ReThink

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Top 10 winners of Elevate Prize receive

  • Minimum prize of US$300,000 over a span of 2-years with potential additional funding.
  • Professional management and development services, expert mentorship and coaching, educational training and resources, capacity building, and connection/networking with industry leaders, influencers, and experts.
  • A customized media and marketing campaign to promote and showcase their work, build recognition and a fan-base around the winner [hero] so that others are inspired to contribute to the public good.
  • Exclusive access to a dynamic group of previous and current Elevate Prize heroes and partners.

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