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4 Great Entrepreneurial Traits That You Should Adopt

Disclaimer: This Article is updated by  Yusra Qasim.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and you? Doesn’t it seem like they have all the answers to every problem which is why they are where they are? Though, that is not really the case.

What they have different is a good sense. They change the bad into the good. They take every shortcoming as an opportunity and turn the tables in their favour. This article will tell you about the 4 vital traits that every successful entrepreneur swear by.

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It’s a beautiful thought really, to take an obstacle and create a solution that others will pay to have. Take the example of flashlights and mobile phones. We had alternates, the caveman had made a torch with fire and telephone was in every household. But the modern man saw the challenges of using an outdated solution in modern times and came up with an even better solution.

Wayne Fromm, creator of the selfie stick, was mocked with the term ‘useless invention’. In the boom of the 21st century he is a millionaire. It’s fair to say he might have been too ahead of his time but he still identified a need no one else even saw and now he is famous.

It’s all about the thinking, time to move from glass ‘half empty’, to a glass ‘half full’.


As motivational speaker Jim Rohn puts it, “Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.”

 A true entrepreneur isn’t the type to shrug and say “good enough”. They are constantly trying to improve their lives and the world around them in any and every way possible.

 The best way for an entrepreneur to improve is to keep a log. It can be a Dictaphone or the notes on your mobile or even the traditional writing it in your journal. The purpose is to take time out of your schedule to review your activities and learn from them. Taking ten minutes out before sleeping to consider the day’s activities and deciding what could be improved for next has to help!


The thing is except for death, nothing is certain in life (and with the technology today, even death might become a foreign concept). Entrepreneurs understand that risk is part of the entrepreneurial journey and rather than trying to erase it, they embrace it.

It’s not that they are reckless or they don’t understand the consequences, it’s just that they are willing to go through it for their brain-child.

To achieve this mind-set one needs to start setting up clear goals. It helps lay out things in front of you and makes it easier to confront the difficult choices. Sure, there will be times when things don’t go as you would like, but that just means that there was a small hiccup and you just need to readjust yourself to get back on track.


What goes around comes back around. As an entrepreneur, there’s plenty of value in adopting a mind-set of generosity.

Giving doesn’t necessarily have to be in the monetary sense; it could be a simple advice or a joke to tide someone through their hard day. A good deed never goes unnoticed. Maybe helping someone out today can pay you back in the most unexpected of ways.

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However, entrepreneurs recognize that sometimes the benefits of generosity are intangible. It’s more about good karma. By treating people with respect and being open to helping them, entrepreneurs are more likely to receive support in return when they need it.

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