Who We Are

We are the secret agents from Change Mechanics who entered the realm of the startup Ecosystem and are now fighting the evils of the unknown.

Basically we help startups reduce risk in the uncertain times of today – make your life easier. We just have a penchant for theatrics. Our website is the home for all your startup woes. If you have ever felt that you have an amazing idea but were worried about how to go about it, then you will understand the need for this platform. We have access to Pakistan’s most successful entrepreneurs that you probably have not even had the chance to hear of. But we know them and just like us they want to help you. With us all you have to do is give a little trust and get a ton load of advice. We take your startup goals and add the tried and tested advice & networks we have to make your journey easier and complete. And if you like us, and we do provide the help you need, we can help you all the way to the break-even. Our agents have been trained for just that purpose!

Change Mechanics (Pvt) Ltd

If Startup.pk is James Bond then Change Mechanics is the secret service of the startup World in Pakistan. We are behind the scenes but we have been putting various products into motion. Startupdotpk is one the recent venture of the firm but in the past we also launched WECON, a conference to celebrate women because of how cool they are (Really, going home after a job and doing house work is just not that easy)! We helped setup the WECREATE Center Islamabad for all the female business ladies to get the chance to shine like the diamonds they are. Think we only help women? Technologically speaking, there is the disrupt series and the Founder Institute. Disrupt Series is just like it sounds, it’s meant to disrupt the thought process with the help of the 4th industrial revolution! Founder Institute is home to all the techies out there with a business idea that just need a slight push.

What else? Well you will just have to go to our main website to find out won’t you.