What Should You Prefer, Startup or Job ?

Athar Ahmad
Publish Date:
July 23, 2018

That‘s more like a To BE or Not To Be situation. Jobs are not easy to get and then preferring startups over jobs seemed like a challenging choice.

There is a greater risk and instability with startup but if a startup works out. Rewards are equally more satisfying and long-lasting.

Let’s go on voyage of finding reasons to join a startup rather than a job.

Greater Responsibility= Greater Learning:

At bigger corporations you will be assigned a particular task as you may have mentioned in your CV, your skill-set for. You won’t know what is happening in other departments. But in startups the system works differently. They have employees in small numbers. And you would not only contribute your part but also be giving feedback on things not related to you directly. For example, you may be a content writer for a startup and they leave the job of content related all activities to you like visuals, and marketing tactics too. Thus, you will have more responsibility which will enhance your learning curve greatly.

Growth is where work is:

Growth does not happen in isolation. But you grow professionally by working on different projects. Here in startups, you probably be handling a full project and learn as it evolves. You will get the opportunity to see yourself developing into a seasoned professional.

Art of knowing yourself:

If you are always tied to a table, chair, and a laptop where you day after day do the same thing then you’ll build a persona of yourself around that work. May be you won’t imagine what is actually inside you to express in some creative form or talent but didn’t get the opportunity to bubble out. In job market there is rarely a chance for you to try your hand at some other thing. While in startups you’ll be managing a lot of affairs other than your actual job. May be you are a good speaker and you came to know of it when you get the opportunity to give a speech to your fellas at office.

Company of creative people:

At startups, people are creative and open to your ideas as well. You will not only be giving ideas mindlessly but you will actually see them in execution if they like it.  Your work will be properly recognized.  In their company and spending hours with them you‘ll learn their methods of engaging with the problem as well.

 Limit resources, Not productivity:

According to Kerrin Sheldon, one of the lifelong learning is to get things done with limiting resources and stay productive. Big companies and corporations don’t worry about resources but in small startups you got to work with limiting resources. One of the methods they employ is outsourcing. You‘ll see they mange it effectively.

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