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Athar Ahmad
Publish Date:
April 21, 2018

Amidst the immense workload at office, lunch break is a time of great relief and relaxation. To add more, if we get to have a meal of our own choice, it gets us going through the other half of the day. However, the hassle to decide to what to eat, where to go out for lunch or bring some from home, has always been a real struggle.

Waqas Jabbar, a software developer, faced the similar problem at his office. In the wake of solving his hurdle, he decided to start an online food service platform by the name of ‘Khana.PK’. The aim of this venture is provision of convenience, in the form of food deliveries (largely lunch) to professionals working in offices. Khana. Pk tends to satisfy this pain-point by delivering fresh, hygienic and home-cooked meals to business community at their workplace. Mr. Jabbar is currently operating in I-9 Islamabad and plans to scale up the business in other areas of Islamabad, as well as in other cities.

Mr.Jabbar talks about different challenges he faced while executing the venture, how he capitalized on the concept of shared economy and insight about his business model. People like Mr. Jabbar are a source of inspiration for many emerging entrepreneurs out there in market.

Here is one-to-one conversation between CEO Khana.PK and StartupdotPk

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