How to register the National Tax Number (NTN)

Muzammil Kamran
Publish Date:
November 29, 2017

First you have to open FBR’s Iris portal by simply clicking on this link.

This screen will appear. Click on “Registration for Unregistered Person”

  • After clicking, this dialogue box will open.

  • Fill out the basic information.
  • Enter your CNIC number without “” in the field.
  • Enter your complete name without prefix.
  • Choose the prefix.
  • Enter you First, Middle and Last name subsequently in the respective fields.
  • Enter you Cell No.

(Remember: Your phone number must be registered before at least 30 days. Your phone number must be registered on your CNIC).

  • Enter your email.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click Submit.

  • Within 5 to 10 minutes, the system will send codes on Email and Cell No. separately. Add these codes in the given fields.
  • Your account on Iris will be created and you’ll receive your password on your cell no. and email in 1 to 5 minutes. This screen will appear.

  • Enter your CNIC number without “” in the ‘Registration No’ field.
  • Enter the password received on your email or phone. Take care of capital and small letters while entering.
  • Click on Login and this screen will appear.

  • Click on ‘Draft’ in the upper left corner.
  • Click on ‘Registration’ and then on ‘Form/Statement’.
  • Click on ‘181 (Form of Registration filed voluntarily)’.This field will be highlighted and edit button will appear.
  • Click on ‘Edit’ button.
  • Click on ‘Personal’ and this screen will appear.
  • Choose the value in ‘Accounting Period From’.
  • Residence or Head Office’s address is a must require.
  • Click on the plus button in the upper right corner and the property dialogue box will open.
  • Fill out the respective fields.
  • In ‘Union council’ click on search tool and a list will appear then choose you Union Council from that list.
  • Fill put the District, Division, Country, State/Province, Land Area, Covered Area, Measurement Unit, Acquisition Date, Capacity, and Owner’s name.
  • Fill out the ‘% share’ without putting a % mark.
  • Enter CNIC of the owner of the house in ‘Owner CNIC’.
  • After filling out the information click on ‘OK’.
  • Now enter the utility bill information of the house by clicking the plus button.
  • Choose the values in Type and Select. Enter the reference number given on your utility bill. Choose you Provider and Connection date and click ‘OK’.
  • If you want to add the information of multiple utility bills. Repeat the steps for first utility bills.
  • If you run a business entering the utility bill information is a must.
  • Click on ‘Business’ and this screen will appear.

  • Click on and a business dialogue box will open. Choose the values in required fields.

  • Click on search box and then select from a list of activity you are involved in.
  • Choose Division, Group, Class, Subclass, Product and Start Date.

  • If this is your basic activity of business then click on ‘Principal activity’.
  • A dialogue like this will appear.
  • If you have more than one business add it using the same process as above and click ‘OK’.
  • To add business address click on and a ‘Link Property’ dialogue box will open.
  • This box will contain a list of addresses for you to select from. To choose the address click on ‘Select’ and enter your address. You can add more than one address. If your address doesn’t appear on the first page click on the next page.
  • To add new business address click on ‘Add other property’. After entering the information click ‘OK’ on ‘Link Property’ box.
  • To add the address follow the process of entering the address mentioned above then click ‘OK’ on the business dialogue box.
  • Entering bank account in mandatory. Click on Bank account.
  • In the right corner click and Investment dialogue box will open.
  • Choose your account type in the ‘Type’ field and choose the value in ‘Form’.
  • Enter your 16-digit IBAN account no. in Account/Instrument No.
  • Click on search tool in front of ‘Institution’ and select your bank name.
  • Select the value in ‘currency’.
  • Select the desired value in Capacity.
  • Enter the percentage in the ‘% share’ in without adding %.
  • Linking a person is mandatory.
  • To link a person click on ‘Link’ and this dialogue box will open.
  • Click on the button in the right corner and this dialogue box will open.
  • Fill out the values in ‘Capacity’ ‘% Share’ and ‘Start Date’ and click ‘OK’.
  • To add the name click on the search tool in front on ‘Name’ and this dialogue box will open.

  • Add the name or Registration No. of that person and click on the search tool.
  • A list will appear. Select the desired person from that list.
  • You cannot add one person more than one time.
  • After completing the information click on ‘OK’.
  • You have completed the form. To be sure you have given the right information read the form and check that you have entered everything correctly and verify it for yourself.
  • If you want to take the print of your information click on print.
  • If you click the ‘Submit’ button you cannot change the information after that.
  • In case you need to check and fill out some field click on the ‘Save’ button and save the information temporarily.
  • Do not click ‘Submit’ unless you are sure that everything you have entered is correct.

Note: You have to do this process using Internet Explorer.

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Ziad Khan

Do not forget to use an OLD INTERNET EXPLORER browser else it will not work .. nothing from FBR or SECP will .. Good luck .. Z

Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali

What for the people who are self working? How they will do?

Waleed Ahmed
Waleed Ahmed

Is this the way i can registered my Company name ?, or else is needed?. I want to register my company name basically

M.S.A Khan.
M.S.A Khan.

Is a stock trader on daily basis do sale and buy of shares at Pakistan Stock Exchange can apply for IRIS?
At business tab what type and name to be filled?

Best regards.