7 Benefits of Joining Startupdotpk’s Campus Ambassador Program

Irum Hassan
Publish Date:
August 29, 2017

Startup.pk is an initiative of Pakistani field veterans who want to give back to the society and empower the startup founders of today to become the icons of tomorrow. We equip startup founders with skills, resources and connections which help them scale their ventures.

Startupdotpk’s campus ambassador program aims to bring together passionate and self-driven individuals to get involved in to the Startup Ecosystem of Pakistan.

Here are 7 benefits why you should join Startupdotpk’s Campus Ambassadorship program.

  1. You’ll gain Leadership skills:

Startupdotpk gives students the opportunity to represent Startupdotpk on their campus which will help them develop leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.

  1. You’ll get involved with the Startup ecosystem of Pakistan:

If you wish to get connected with the leading startup gurus of Pakistan and look for mentoring then becoming an ambassador for Startupdotpk can fulfill that dream of yours.

  1. You’ll expand your resume:

Becoming an Ambassador for Startupdotpk will help you to expand your resume. Showing employers that you represented an organization will put forward the impression that you are hardworking and can handle multiple responsibilities.

  1. You’ll get networking opportunities:

Startupdotpk will give you the opportunity to network. You’ll get to meet new people, share your views and opinions with like-minded people and build relationships which will all help down the line when you are looking for a job and opening a business.

    5. You’ll be able to give back to the society:

The most rewarding aspect of becoming an ambassador for Startupdotpk is that you get to give back to the society by discovering new startups in your circle, give them the opportunity to network with people and make their entrepreneurial journey easier. This adds an immense value to the learning experience.

  1. You’ll get to enhance your writing ability:

Becoming an ambassador for Startupdotpk will not only help you to polish your communication skills but also enhance your writing abilities by featuring stories of budding entrepreneurs around your circle.

  1. You’ll have fun:

Last but not the least, another reason to become an ambassador for Startupdotpk is that you’ll have fun, you’ll get to meet new people, attend events, get merchandise, and participate in activities that will help you make the most out of your university experience.

To Apply: Please fill out the form given below. Good Luck! 





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