5 Things to Consider When Naming Your Startup Business

Irum Hassan
Publish Date:
August 31, 2017

First things first, your startup needs a name for it to be launched in to the market. The name of your business has to be powerful so that it has a tremendous impact on how your customers view you.  Although a business name can be created with the mutual consent of the business partners themselves but most successful companies will tell you that a properly created business name can bring you immediate value to your brand and recognition.

1. Your name should be Memorable:

When you are coming up with a killer name for your startup business, you’ll want to consider pronunciation, spelling and length as a priority. If your target market isn’t able to pronounce your name, it could lead to a branding disaster. Trust me! You’d never want your customers to go around mispronouncing your name. The name that you have spent hours on. Same is the case with the spelling of your name. If your name is too hard to spell. Your customers would have a hard time searching your business online neither should your name be too long as this makes it hard to be remembered and recognized. It is advised to go for a shorter and simpler name neither then a longer and complicated one.

2. Don’t go for a similar name:

Your name should never be similar to another business because of the obvious reasons. It can lead to Copyright issues, you’d never want your audience to choose between two companies with the same name.  If your idea is unique your name should be unique too.

3. Your name should Clearly identify itself:

It is important that your name actually adds value to your business. Your startup name should speak for itself. You’ll want to draft a brand name that provides a hint to your target audience about what your business actually does. It should create a clear image in to the minds of the customers not contribute towards clouding their imagination.

4. Foster Positive Brand connection:

Your words should be powerful and strong they should not depict a negative image into the minds of your customers. It’s important that your name should mean accordingly to the languages and regions you intend to do business in.

5. Domain name:

A business name with a non- matching domain name may spell disaster for your business especially if your business fully operates online an exact-match domain name should be a top priority. Customers are going to automatically default to your company name as your URL, and if that URL directs them to someone else’s site, you’re losing out on valuable business prospects. Plus, an exact-match domain name helps you get found by search engines, instead of someone else. Make sure to check whether matching social media handles are available. Ideally they should all be the same as your domain name. If something’s already taken, a small change to your brand name or adding an industry- or location-specific modifier that’s consistent across all your social media networks might be the way to go.


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