The Elephant in the Room with Shehryar Hydri – No One Owes You Anything!

Sayyed Ahmad Masud
Publish Date:
March 19, 2019

Listen to Shehryar Hydri, the Secretary-General of P@SHA, which is the main trade body representing the IT and ITES industry in Pakistan.. Shehryar has two decades of diverse experience as a Tech Entrepreneur and Marketer, founding and scaling cross-functional teams that have delivered products and services for some of the top brands in the world.
Prior to joining P@SHA, Shehryar was the Director, Marketing & Operations at Convo and a member of the Convo board. He also served on the Advisory Board of (formerly Groopic) which was recently acquired by KeepTruckin.

Shehryar also co-founded Trango Interactive, one of the pioneering game development and CGI studios of Pakistan. Trango was nominated in the Red Herring Asia 100 list within two years of its formation and delivered world class content for some of the most well known games and consumer brands in Europe and North America. He did his MBA from IBA Karachi.

“No one owes you anything!” is the second podcast of the elephant in the room podcast series.

“The flipside of entitlement is to be aspirational and to be ambitious”, says Shehryar Hydri.

How can startups distinguish between being ambitious and being entitled?

What is the damage that might occur to a Startup’ssuccess due to the sense of being entitled?

Is the ecosystem support mechanism including the National Incubation Centers accountable for creating a sense of entitlement among the startups?

How can these incubators and accelerators work to make the startup founders and their teams more practical and sensible?

Do quality mentors hesitate in providing mentorship to the startup founders due to this sense of entitlement among the founders?

This podcast addresses all these questions and expands the topic “No one owes you anything”.

It explains how and why is it important to keep a balance between a sense of ambition and a sense of entitlement. It also leads the startup founders to realize that a startup is still a business that needs to add value and that startup founders should be focused on the things that are significant for the success of their business. They should concentrate on building a great product; understand the market; understand the dynamics of the global market and its trends; understand the difference between the trends of Pakistani market and the global market and build a product according to the needs and requirements of their respective market.

If someone labels himself as the CEO of a startup, that doesn’t make him the Chief Executive Officer. It is important for the startup founders to understand that these labels and titles don’t mean anything unless they work hard to reach that level. They should not let these titles take their humbleness away rather they should stay humble and focus on delivering quality, because that’s the only path that leads to success.

Listen to this very insightful and thought-provoking podcast to find out what our speaker has to say- a must listen if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup founder.

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  1. Saad says:

    Why is this podcast not in Urdu?

    • says:

      this is a very valid question, we have launched three separate podcast series, Startup Journeys and Guru Talks are in Urdu but EiTR is deliberately in English because this is reaching out to a very specific audience including our own Ecosystem enablers and startup founders and also foreign donors, support organisations as well as others who would not understand Urdu, so we decided to keep it in English.

  2. Hamza Ahmed says:

    Good content, worth listening.

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