Guru Talks with Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat – Aim for Perfection & Find Excellence

Sayyed Ahmad Masud
Publish Date:
March 22, 2019

In this first podcast of the Podcast Series Guru Talks, Shahnaz Kapadia discusses the purpose of startups and how the purpose drives an individual and a startup. She shares her views from her vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship and how her passion to what she was doing made her succeed and climb the ladder of excellence and perfection.

Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat has Over 30 years experience and passion for designing and implementing projects and programs to promote effective, sustainable and large scale socio-economic development. She has worked across countries and cultures, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Iran, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, and Uganda.

She has established and grew a development sector focused company, Empowerment thru Creative Integration, from a small one-(wo)man enterprise into a medium-sized training and consulting company. She has Designed and implemented cascade training programs for federal, provincial and local governments, international development organisations with outreach to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries across Pakistan.

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