Building a New Market | Learn O Bots

Sayyed Ahmad Masud
Publish Date:
March 12, 2019

This episode is one of six podcasts in the series ‘Startup Journeys’ sponsored by Ilm Ideas 2, a four year programme to promote education innovation in Pakistan. The project was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by Cambridge Education, a member of the Mott MacDonald Group.

In this Episode, we will learn how Learnobots introduces STEM learning and robotics in schools in Pakistan, the challenges they faced along the way, and how they maintain their competitive edge as new players come into the industry.

Quotes from the Episode:

“When we started out, our biggest challenge was helping schools understand what we are offering….the first question they would ask was what is STEM learning”

“We look at the global trends in education to assess what should essentially be taught to students and use that as a reference to build our curriculum”

“The basic idea of our curriculum is to help children become innovators and problem solvers, because once they learn these skills, they will be able to figure out solutions to all the challenges and problems they face in the future”

“We like competition….if we all together to bring quality education to children, then eventually the benefit of all that will be to Pakistan”


Faisal Laghari, Cofounder & CEO LearnoBots |

Shamyl Bin Mansoor, Cofounder & CTO LearnoBots |

About the Startup: LearnOBots promotes STEM Education through Robotics Workshops and Kits. The company inspires young people to become Inventors, Makers, Scientists, Engineers, Artists, and Programmers. LearnOBots has partnered with various educational institutions to put up exciting workshops and learning camps for students across Pakistan.


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