Mentoring tips by Mentors at Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19

Malaika Fawad
Publish Date:
April 30, 2019

1- ” Do not sell out too early!” – Shahid Mir

2- “Money is not the most important factor when launching a startup” – Asim Ghaffar


3- “It is very important for startups to be able to convert their ides into proper business models” -Tanveer Mehdi

4- “Market research is very important to develop a proper business plan.” – Farhan Tufail

5- “Founder’s maturity and experience is very important for investors.” – Humayun Mazhar


6- “Timing to enter a market has huge impact on a startups success.” – Inaam Afzal

7- Startups should work on making their ideas financially viable if they want to be stay in the market.” – Hassan Aqeel


8- “There’s more chance of your startups success if you address pains of target market.” -Farhan Tufail



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